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Matt Wallner hit by pitch




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Matt Wallner was hit in the face by a pitch in this afternoon's game versus Mesa.  Looked like his lower jaw.  I happened to be taking photos during that plate appearance - it's a bit out of focus and blurry but I can't help uploading and posting it anyway.  Matt was able to make his way to the training room at the far end of the ballpark under his own power, so I'm hopeful that he escaped serious injury.




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This photo is of Matt being escorted away from the first-base dugout and toward what I assume to be the field's medical facilities.  He gave a little wave to some well-wishers on the third-base side, and I think he replied in some fashion.  I have found no further information as yet - hoping for the best.


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1 hour ago, USAFChief said:

YOU LEFT OUT THE MOST IMPORTANT PARTS: You attended the game with Chief, and Wallner got an RBI from the HBP! Jeez, get your act together, Mr high-falutin' blogger.

In all honesty, I kind of wanted to hold off of some of the other, highly important, stuff pending news concerning his well-being.  I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the game and the companionship, except there is this "other than that, Mrs Lincoln" aspect looming over it.

But yes, Matt did earn an all-important run batted in, to aid in securing the win in this 11-4 squeaker.  (He also had a more mundane RBI from the home run leading off the 3rd.)

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30 minutes ago, Seth Stohs said:

Just heard from Wallner. He got a couple of stitches, but said he's "good to go." That's certainly encouraging. Anytime you hear about a guy getting hit near the head, it's scary. 

Best news all day! Thanks, Seth.


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