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The Bomba Show: What Comes Next?

Parker Hageman



26 and 39? Oh boy.

WCCO's Cory Hepola and Parker Hageman discuss the current state of the Minnesota Twins.

Topics include:

  • What are you hoping to see right now?
  • If the Twins stayed 50% more healthy this year - what’s their record right now?
  • Managing a Bullpen?
  • WALK OFF WIN: Are you able to enjoy the moment?
  • What needs to be done for the Twins to compete in 2022?

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    There are a couple things I want to right now. One of the things I want to see are some trades, the trades I'd like to see are the players who are Free Agents at season's end. The other thing I'd like to see is growth from Kiriloff and Larnach. If the Twins were 50% healthier I think we'd be a couple more games better not much better though because we were not good before the injuries happened. The Walk Off Win against the Yankees was a pretty fun game to watch and in a season where we aren't playing good at all I still enjoyed the Walk Off Win against the Yankees because it's against a team that we don't have a good track record with. There are some things for the Twins to do to compete in 2022. One thing is to sign some good swing and miss relievers on the market. Another thing that people don't talk about very much is we don't have a bench coach. I think in the offseason the Twins will need to hire a bench coach that knows what in game moves like bullpen decision if the Twins can sign some pretty good relievers and a starter or 2 we can return to winning in 2022 and compete with Chicago. 

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