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The Bomba Show: Just a Guy or Grand Future?

Seth Stohs



WCCO's Cory Hepola and Seth Stohs discuss the current state of the Minnesota Twins, and at this point, that means they discussed the future of the Minnesota Twins. 

Topics include: 

Are these players "Just a Guy" or do they have a "Grand Future"?

  • Nick Gordon
  • Ryan Jeffers
  • Kyle Garlick
  • Gilberto Celestino
  • Jorge Alcala
  • Luke Farrell
  • Griffin Jax
  • Bailey Ober

Two Twins who will be up and good starters by the end of this year?

Miguel Sano: lightning rod for criticism?

Have you ever seen a Triple Play in person?

How much blame do you put on the Twins Front Office?

How are the Rays successful year-after-year?

How much blame do you put on Rocco Baldelli?

What needs to be done for the Twins to compete in 2022?

Take a listen to the show and leave your thoughts. It can be views on the WCCO Radio Twitter page (see below) or on their Facebook page too. 



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I believe out of the 8 guys there are 4 guys who are part of the grand future. I believe Nick Gordon is a part of the future. He probably won’t have a starting position on this team but he will play a utility role with Luis Arraez for the next few years. Gordon has shown he can get on base and when he gets on base he can steal some bases and that will help the team going forward. Gordon has shown he can also play a couple positions and that will be huge for the future if a starting player gets hurt. Gordon can go in and play second base or even centerfield. In a small sample size Gordon’s hitting slash line is .344/.364/.438. 

The next player I will talk about is catcher Ryan Jeffers. To begin this year the Twins were hoping to have a platoon at catcher with Ryan Jeffers and Mitch Garver out of the gates, Jeffers wasn’t hitting very well and was optioned to St Paul on April 29th. Jeffers was re-called on June 2nd when Mitch was put on the 10- Day Injured List since being called up Jeffers has been pretty good. However I don’t know what the Twins are planning on doing next year if they will trade Garver and have Jeffers being the starting catcher and Ben Rortvedt his backup, or if the Twins will platoon Garver and Jeffers this year. If Jeffers shows he can continue to hit and play good defense I think the Twins will look to trade Garver in the offseason. So I think Jeffers is a “Grand Future” player. 

The next player I will talk about is Gilberto Celestino. For him to be a part of the “Grand Future” the Twins will have to probably go into a rebuild mode and trade Buxton. As long as Buxton is on the team Celestino is going to be in the minor leagues. I don’t think the Twins have to go into a rebuild so I think Celestino is “Just a Guy.” If Buxton leaves in free agency after next year I still think the Twins will try to win so I think we will try to spend money on a centerfielder. Celestino’s slash line is .138/.138/.276 in a very small sample size. Since he’s been on the big league club it looks like defense is going to be a work in progress for him. These are just a few reasons why I think Celestino is “Just a Guy.” However I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a “Grand Future player.” 

The last player I’m going to talk about is Jorge Alcala. I believe Jorge is a “Grand Future Player.” Alcala is a relieve pitcher who is having a decent year so far, however he could be having a better year, that could be said for the whole team. Alcala has a 3.42 ERA, 23 strikeouts, in 26.1 innings pitched. I believe Alcala can be a future closer of this team if he has just a little bit better ERA. 


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