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Should the Twins offer "Vaccine Days"




Simple question. Given the self-interest of the team, should the Twins organization seek to partner with the city/state gov't to offer free vaccine shots to fans that have not yet had one? Probably this would limit the choice to the J&J single-shot vaccine, which also is easier to store than the other two. This would be a positive public relations move, plus it would of course help the state of Minnesota achieve a higher level of overall immunity from the Covid virus.


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Free beer or helmet sundae.  That may get more of the 12-18year old crowd to show up.   
The Twins need more younger fans.  
The Twins would have a flood of 18-20 year olds show up, if the Governor could issue a one-beer reprieve on the 21 year old drinking law to them - and Twins offer one free beer per vax to them. 

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3 hours ago, spycake said:

Could they offer some kind of vaccine to fans to make us immune to the Twins recent play?

Perhaps they already do, in beer. Not free, though...

Blindfolds, or maybe hemlock.  Yesterday’s Rogers to Donaldson debacle is just the latest painful moment 

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