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Baseball Website Find of the Day (warning: lame!)




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Looking to kill a few minutes? Have a look at this peculiar project a ten-year old some knucklehead enterprising person took the time to construct via a series of posts in 2011-12.




Follow it through to the end, and in total there's about five pages of images and videos of captioned baseball cards, defaced baseball cards, intentionally damaged baseball cards, burnt baseball cards, and, ..., well, more captioned and defaced and damaged and burnt baseball cards. PS: hope you like mustaches.


Contact the owner of that site, not me, if you want your ten minutes back. Personally, it spoke to my inner ten-year old youthful knucklehead soul.





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search up "baseball card vandals" and you get some really creative stuff (and some pretty childish stuff) but it's definitely worth a look. :)

Well that was, um, different.

Thanks, I guess.



Your find >>> my find


(Also, much more NSFW - fair warning to those about to look there)

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I'm pretty sure my friend and I came up with this idea when we were 12 year old knuckleheads.  Our plan however was to collect and destroy every 1993 Terry Jorgensen Donruss baseball card except for one.  Then we would have the only one in existence and therefore would become rich.


Needless to say, pre-internet it was hard to find every Terry Jorgensen baseball card in existence.  I think we did end up taking out about 15 of them though while we kept "The One" in a thick plastic case for protection.  Also, this plan did not make us rich.

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