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Just an old guy speaking his mind

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Does this team not have...

...a trainer. A guy that knows how to stretch them out? I mean, other than Correa, and Kiriloff's wrist, muscle strains etc are considered "preventable" injuries. Do some stretching exercises for Pete's sake. Loosen up... The rest of us get up every day with sore muscles and go do our jobs...

I'm calling Bull....

MLB 2020 - pitchers who throw at Astro's players will be punished  MLB 2022 - it's ok to throw at a former Astro if the player before him hits a HR. We don't think that looks fishy. In fact, if you hit him a second time, we're not even going to acknowledge that he was hit... Especially if it's by a last place team.     

Spotted in Jacksonville

Today, spotted in Jacksonville, Florida....a Minnesota Northstar window sticker. I immediately thought of Jude Drouin, Walt McKeknie, Bill Goldsworthy etc...   Sorry this is not Twins content...

Maybe I'm being nit-picky...

... But if I had a young catcher, and another who many consider to be the worst catcher in baseball... Wouldn't it be advantageous to have the catching coach available to speak to between innings? Talk about, you know, catcher stuff? The previous at bats, the next three coming up?  Nah, he should probably go coach 1st base instead...

The Mad King

The Mad King in Twins

My take

1-Maybe getting rid of Donaldson wasn't a bad thing. I'm over 1000 miles away, but I could never shake the thought that he wasn't good for chemistry... 2- Buxton Buxton Buxton - please stay healthy 3- Correa has a Nelson Cruz vibe - that calm cool presence in the middle of the order that keeps teams from trying to pitch around everyone else 4-Duran Duran - see Buxton 6 - who is gonna be the closer? Please don't say Duffy.  I had a 5 but can't remember where I put it...    

The Mad King

The Mad King in Twins

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