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my plan to fix the Twins

Posted by beckmt , 22 April 2021 · 521 views

For those that have not noticed the season is quickly slipping away and a few things need to be done now to try and right the ship.
If this season goes off the rails the Twins could be forced to sell Berrios and Buxton (whose contracts both end after 2022) for pennies on the dollar. Both could decide to go to winning teams on the coast for mega contracts, with the Twins maybe only able to retain Buxton by paying him Trout money.
1. Fire Rocco and bring Rowson in as manager/hitting coach, This is usually the first step, but curious managing decisions in extras have forced this move.
2. Send out some of the lower half of the bullpen, Thielbar for one needs to go to the minors and maybe a few more and bring up some of the flamethrowers, even if they can't find the strike zone all the time. It is hard to hit high heat for most major leaguers. Law who was requested by a few does not fit my bill, Chambers (who may be too far away and his ilk are more like it).
3. Start looking for deals for players like Rooker and others to second division rebuilding clubs with a eye on getting good relievers/closer types in return (others take the 15 - 30 prospects (at least some of them)).
4. Consider trading Kepler (whose contract should be desirable to even cheap ballclubs to make room for Laurach), he looks like the best contact/power hitter to me.

Get players for set positions. They got Josh Donaldson for third base, but who knows where he will be in 1-2-3 years. Nelson Cruz is the DH. Is Kirilloff the left-fielder or first baseman of the future? Where do you honestly think Sano fits into the greater scheme.


Good luck trading Rooker, or even Kepler. Like Sano, they have to show worth if a team wants to add them.


The Twins need a top flight arm in the rotation. Maeda is good, but not a #1. Berrios, too, falls short. Stop getting a bunch of end of the rotation guys. 


You gotta get the right arms for the pen. Who IS the closer? Who can pitch long relief. Who can get a ground ball, a strikeout, a flyball out. Plan for that dreaded extra-inning situation that throws you out of whack with a guy starting at second.


Of course, 2021 we would like to think the Twins have momentum and not rebuilding. You can carry a catcher of the future learning the game with 30-40 starts. You can't carry two catchers who give you nothing on offense.


You need to play your best players every game. Subs are subs for a reason. And, even then, you need to trust every player on the major league roster. If they can't contribute in anyway consistently, I'm sure there are others that can.


Non-competitive teams have no fifth starter, a constant swing in one to arms in the pen, a bench that is only good for pinch-running the slowest of players or giving a fielder the occasional rest in a game you are set to win.


The killer of 2021 will be ... can players play a full 162-game season. It is a big step-up for many, especially anyone in the minors who basically lost a season of refining skills.