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Akil Baddoo crushes Homerun in first major league at bat

Other Baseball Today, 10:19 AM
Big mistake letting this guy go

Twins Minor League Report (5/8): Rain Rain, Go Away

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 06:45 AM
A pair of starting pitchers on the 40-man roster were set to make their 2021 debuts on Saturday but only two games were able to be played...


Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 11:45 PM
You might think this thread is a slam against Shoemaker, it isn't. In 2017 Shoemaker pitched around 77 innings, the next 3 seasons he pit...

Twins Roster Moves - 2021

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 05:50 PM
I recall last year we had a thread that tracked roster moves the Twins made throughout the 2020 season, and I'm like to have another thre...

Twins Minor League Report (5/7): Big Bats Break Out

Twins Minor League Talk Yesterday, 07:27 PM
On a positive Friday night around the Twins' system, two hitters' career nights stole the show. Read about all four farm games in tonight...

Catching Some Zs


Looking Ahead: Who Starts Game 3 of the 2021 ALCS?

Posted by scottz , 20 January 2020 · 1,095 views
playoffs, pitching, options and 2 more...
Community Blog Post
Looking Ahead: Who Starts Game 3 of the 2021 ALCS? Slowly but surely, even the least observant among us will have noticed the precious minutes of daylight being added since the winter solstice, spreading good cheer to Druids everywhere. And with the countdown to pitchers and catchers reporting falling to a mere 23 days, our thoughts turn to baseball, opening day, the first game cancelled due to snow, the...


Remaining Free Agents (and why they won't sign here)

Posted by scottz , 17 December 2019 · 3,526 views
freeagent, minnesota, humor
Community Blog Post
Felix Hernandez RP 34 - Doesn't want to share crown with Aquatennial Queen of the Lakes
Josh Donaldson 3B 34 - Loons kinda freak him out
Jacoby Ellsbury CF 36 - No longer very good at baseball
Dallas Keuchel SP 32 - Concerned that North Stars fans still aren't over it
Edwin Encarnacion DH 37 - Weather too cold for imaginary parrot
Alex Gordon CF 36 - Retr...


How the Twins Can Improve on 2019 Without Adding A Stud Starting Pitcher

Posted by scottz , 12 December 2019 · 1,269 views
pitching, freeagent, humor
Community Blog Post
They can't.