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See this? It would be cool if someone lodged him for the MN visit

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#1 Smcginnity


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Posted 23 January 2014 - 09:11 PM


This guy is writing a book about spirituality and baseball. He is visiting every baseball part in the U.S. this summer and writing about his experience. Above is the link to his kick starter and his request for assistance/lodging.

I heard about this today and thought I'd pass it along.

#2 twinsfan34


    Paul DeVos

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Posted 24 January 2014 - 10:26 AM

Good for him.

I wish I had known about all the opportunities there are there to do/try things like this. I grew up on a small farm, loved baseball statistics, I bought cards solely for the stats in the mid 80's and I'd pay $10-$15 for a Willie Mays card to a Mickey Mantle towards the end of their careers. Then I'd play with stats projections.

My parents grew up to parents who were poor and 'survived' the Great Depression, everything they did lived out of fear, so you worked everyday possible, a dollar was a dollar. I got invited to Cincinnnati Reds tryout in Wisconsin, but I couldn't get the car for the ride out there and I had to work a wedding that weekend.

I worked 50+ hours a week in food service and construction for many years just to get through an expensive college experience (math/chem/physics background) I don't really use (I had already been through Calc III in high school). I never had the fortitude or love really to do Synthetic Organic Chemistry or Solid State Physics - maybe the brain, but not the love for it.

All that to say, I'm glad this kid is trying this out. If he's able to be objective about his hypothesis, it sounds like it could be great. That's the problem with the previous generation, they lived every day in the past and didn't look at the context of the day they do live in - so the 'rules' in faith and in careers and how you lived life, were not taking into account the individual that had to live that life.

I have my own views on 'churches' today, and there are definitely legitimate reasons for Generation Y, Z, or any to not want a part of that. And the ones who do want to be a part of those churches, might not be for the right reasons. He makes a great point about worship OUTSIDE of the church buildings. It's a lot of 'environment' to set a mood within those walls. To which is important to acknowledge, is your faith a product of your environment or does it dictate or shape your environment? Many can't 'sing' without 'good music' (environment), the conditions must be right.

I love the analytics of baseball, but I also love the stories. An easy way to be humbled is to cleave to one side entirely. The Stats summarize a bunch of decisions, but aren't necessarily cable of telling the moment. The real beauty in Life and in baseball are often in the seemingly small decisions.

#3 Smcginnity


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Posted 25 January 2014 - 08:10 AM

Yea, it's pretty amazing the opportunities that exist for these things today. I think my buddy and I are going to try and catch him for a game in KC since that's where I live.