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For fun: How many batted balls (fouls and HRs) have you caught?

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#1 thetank


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Posted 14 January 2014 - 08:36 AM

How many foul balls and/or HRs have you grabbed in the stands during the game? I've gotten 1 in 120 games. A foul ball behind home plate from Eli Marrero that rolled to my feet in which I picked it up. There had been a rain delay so I was given two tickets to a seat near the field at the old Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

I've had a couple of balls thrown to me before the game.

#2 ashburyjohn


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Posted 14 January 2014 - 11:05 AM


Closest ever was last year, at the WBC in Phoenix. Joe Mauer lined one into the third base stands and it landed one row below me and one seat to the right. A companion happened to be sitting there (we had spread out because of less than capacity attendance) and he ducked to the side rather than try for it. And even though it was coming almost right at me, I didn't even bother to move - this was no popup where it's uncertain where it will land and you might jockey for it, instead it was clear it wasn't going to be within easy reach. It was definitely scorched, and probably would have hurt me if I'd tried. An older woman below us wound up with the ball. Would have been great to have snared it, it being Mauer and all, but I didn't want to end up on the stadium cam fighting an old lady (and perhaps losing).

#3 ChiTownTwinsFan



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Posted 14 January 2014 - 12:39 PM

Wasn't a batted ball ... but Bert threw a ball up to me as he came off the field after striking someone out for the 3rd out. Catcher threw the ball back to him and as he walked off the field (I was sitting in the 1st row behind the dugout) he threw the ball up to me. My boyfriend at the time lunged in front of me and intercepted the throw, but no way did he get away with that. I still have the ball. And I won't say what year that was in.

My mom 'caught' a foul a couple of years ago at ST. The ball was coming our way and everyone around us jumped up to catch it. We all heard a 'thunk' but no one could find the ball. The 'thunk' was the ball hitting the back of the seat in front of us; and it deflected into my mom's lap where it stayed. She had a pretty nice bruise by later that day. But not bad for an 80-yr-old. She is very proud of that story to this day.

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#4 nicksaviking


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Posted 14 January 2014 - 01:05 PM

I've gotten quite a few BP balls but never an in game MLB ball. Back in the terribly late 90's you only had to fight about six other people to get them because no one was at the dome. One of my favorites is a ball Dan Plesac tossed to me, I think he did it because I called out his name even though he was wearing his warm up jacket over his jersey so you couldn't read his name. No clue how I recognized him, I'm not usually good with faces, but he must have been impressed even though it was probably 30% recoginition and 70% dumb luck.

My most regrettable is a JC Romero ball. My sister had a friend who had a season ticket package with seats behind the bullpen and she was regularly invited to go to games. The first game she called out to JC for a ball and he brought her over four. Every game after he started signing balls for her even though she claims she didn't ask for them. I went with her one game and she asked him to sign a ball for me. I still feel gross knowing I got that ball because I was OK with JC Romero hitting on my sister. Not gross enough to stop me from displaying it with my other baseball stuff though I guess.

#5 ashburyjohn


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Posted 14 January 2014 - 01:07 PM

My boyfriend at the time lunged in front of me and intercepted the throw

Grounds for summarily becoming ex-boyfriend?

#6 ChiTownTwinsFan



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Posted 14 January 2014 - 01:18 PM

Grounds for summarily becoming ex-boyfriend?

I do take my baseball rather seriously ... ;)

“Concern yourself not with what is right and what is wrong but with what is important.” ~Unknown

#7 B Richard

B Richard

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Posted 14 January 2014 - 01:44 PM

Only one, total. Happened last season. I was sitting next to the dugout in New Britain and Sano tossed me a ball. Maybe it doesn't count, but I kept the ball as something very special to me.

#8 glanzer


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Posted 14 January 2014 - 02:00 PM

4, in about 200 games.

1. Ball thrown to me during pre-game warmups at Dome in '96 by A's pitcher Jim Corsi.
2. Ball tossed to me by Michael Ryan during that 0-0 15-inning game vs Indians in '02
3. Random loose ball at White Sox spring training game in '03
4. Foul ball hit by Cuddyer at Dome on Fan Appreciation Day 2006

#9 scottz


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Posted 14 January 2014 - 02:01 PM

[FONT=arial]April 3, 1998 - Home Opener versus the Royals at the Dome. Sitting lower deck down the third base line, about halfway between the bullpen and the foul pole and maybe 10-12 rows up with my wife and another couple. Terry Pendleton at the plate, Brad Radke on the hill, Pendleton hits a slicing fly ball down the left field line. It slices foul, takes one spinny bounce once off the carpet and lands right in my glove. Yes, my glove. A 27 year old me brought a glove to the game. But it paid off, me boy. That is the only foul ball I've ever caught. Although probably 15-16-ish years earlier, in nearly the same spot, I had my hand on a foul ball in the row behind me, but my arm was nearly wrenched all the way behind me giving me little leverage, and a classmate had two hands on it, and I grudgingly let it go.[/FONT]

#10 Thrylos


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Posted 14 January 2014 - 02:24 PM

- Caught a line drive HR to deep center in the dome off Chili Davis' bat (still hurts) in 1991 (American League Ball)
- Got a pop foul in 1995 at New Britain, their first year of their Twins' affiliation when they were Hardware City at the old Beehive Field (Eastern League Ball)
- Was tossed one (by Drew Butera of all people) while at the OF tables during Twins' BP at the Tampa ballpark last Spring Training (MLB Ball)
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#11 Brock Beauchamp

Brock Beauchamp


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Posted 14 January 2014 - 02:41 PM

None. Closest I ever came was a Griffey line drive home run during batting practice at the 1992 All Star Game. It went between me and my cousin at about 120mph. Barely missed my hand and took out some poor bastard's beer directly behind us.

I am so glad I didn't touch that ball. I don't know if I've ever seen anything that small moving that quickly. It probably would have just kept going into the stands with my hand attached to it.

I've been really close to at least a dozen foul tips (I rarely sit in the OF) but nothing within reach.

#12 Gene Larkin Fan Club

Gene Larkin Fan Club


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Posted 14 January 2014 - 03:06 PM

Zero. Closest was as a kid at Wrigley Field. Sitting three rows up from the Reds on-deck circle. Keith Moreland fouled one off and everyone around me put their hats up to try to catch the ball in their hats. I was swiping the hats away to try to see the ball and it me in the knuckle. Old guy behind me got the ball. Still bitter.

Did get a ball flipped to me at the dome by Jason Giambi when he with the A's. Gave the ball to a little kid nearby. I'm friends with Giambi's old high school basketball coach we got pretty well hooked up for the weekend. Good times!

#13 woolywoolhouse


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Posted 14 January 2014 - 03:17 PM

Two. Both were batting practice balls, so I don't know who hit them. One was a Cleveland Indian in '88, and the other was a Blue Jay in '09, the last year at the Dome. We were sitting int he first (open) row in left and someone lined it right at my sister's head. Would have hit her on the top of the head (she was going after something in her bag) and I stuck my hand out. Was unable to palm it, and it hurt like a mother the rest of the game. A lot of cold beers kept that bruise down.

#14 Jim Crikket

Jim Crikket

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Posted 14 January 2014 - 03:29 PM

I've had caught a small number of minor league foul balls and when my kids were little, they were usually effective bait to use to get a MLB player to toss you a ball behind the dugout before games started.

But it took about 50 years of going to MLB games before I finally got a batted ball during a game and then it happened two straight days.

Spring training a few years ago, I got a foul line drive down the line beyond the dugout at a Twins/Jays game in Dunedin and the very next day at a Twins/Pirates game in Bradenton I was in the first row down the LF line and a squibber rolled along in front of the wall that I just leaned over and scooped up.
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#15 Boom Boom

Boom Boom

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Posted 14 January 2014 - 03:59 PM

None. I've been one seat away from probably twenty or so. My brother has caught two while sitting next to me, one was a Raul Ibanez home run ball and the other was a foul ball roller tossed into the stands by the late Jose Lima. Two separate Royals vs. Twins games at the Metrodome.

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#16 steve



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Posted 14 January 2014 - 04:18 PM

Zero balls:

The first year Metrodome was open, after a few innings, I got up to walk around and check the place out. During my journey, a foul ball bounced off of the very seat I had been sitting in.

A couple of years back at Wrigley Field, a ball came very close. It was rather mesmerizing; you see batted balls all the time but this one came right for us. My wife held up a Cubs blanket she had bought to defend herself. Fortunately a guy sitting to our right reached over and grabbed the ball.

Last year at Target Field I was sitting in one of those concrete troughs near the field for people with limited mobility. A foul ball bounced maybe 10 feet from me. I had brought a glove but made no try to snag it. It was a high pop up and the daytime sun was blinding.

One bat:

After the last game of the 2011 season we were standing next to the field. Drew Butera walked by, his arms loaded with gear. My wife put out her hand. Drew handed her a bat. A Louisville Slugger "Genuine I13" model Delmon Young. Has pine tar on it. The bat is next to me as I type this.

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#17 drock2190


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Posted 14 January 2014 - 04:42 PM

None, but I came close.

The first weekend series of the opening of Target Field I came close to catching a homerun ball. The Twins were playing the Royals and Orlando Hudson hit one out to left field and the ball was coming right at me but it just clanged off the deck above and went back on the field.

Everyone was excited but I was disappointed as I was soo close to catching a ball.

#18 johnnydakota



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Posted 14 January 2014 - 04:43 PM

70+ bp balls, and 2 ground rule doubles in the same game from Matt Lawton

#19 TheLeviathan


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Posted 14 January 2014 - 05:21 PM

One. Matt Lawton hit a ground rule, opposite field double that managed to hit some empty metrodome seats and after a few fortunate bounces off both person and plastic - I had myself a ball!

The best part was that they were running a "get your ball signed if you catch a foul ball in the fourth inning" promotion and their PR guy waddled down and said "What the hell...ground rule doubles too". I reluctantly gave up the ball and had it shipped to me a few weeks later with Matty's signature. I took a ton of heat for just handing it over and trusting I'd get it back.

#20 Joe A. Preusser

Joe A. Preusser

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Posted 14 January 2014 - 06:36 PM

Hmm, how many GR2B did Matty Lawton hit in his career? Do you two account for the majority?

My count: Zero

Closest - Yohan Santana's rookie year, 17K game. Sitting down 1st base line, foul pop landed three seats to my left. The lady in the seat next to me gave me a dirty look for sticking my glove out towards it, but I had had enough beer and dome dogs to let it go.

Oh, and I am 35 and I still bring my glove to every game I go to.