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The Twins have one of the top 5 off-seasons so far (according to

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#1 Thrylos


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Posted 01 January 2014 - 02:14 PM

According to Phil Rogers of mlb.com the Twins so far had one of the top 5 off-seasons in baseball.

This is in direct contrast with what Bill Baer wrote at Hardball last week or so.

One of the two is a professional reporter, and my gut tends to agree with him, instead of the amateur...
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#2 The Wise One

The Wise One

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Posted 01 January 2014 - 05:33 PM

Baer appears to be an analyst backed with numerous stats to back his case. Does he ever leaves wherever his office is would be a reasonable question. Rogers would appear to understand the nuances of the game.

#3 Jdosen


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Posted 01 January 2014 - 05:45 PM

I've always like Baer's work and I read Crashburn Alley from time to time because I like him and Baumann. I don't think I would completely discount him as a writer and put him and his work down just because I happen to disagree with him on a certain subject. We won't know where the Twins' offseason ranks in relation to the other teams for at least a couple of years if you ask me, so these kind of stories ranking offseasons and drafts are to me empty stories to generate pageviews and ones that I generally skip.
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#4 MC


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Posted 01 January 2014 - 07:15 PM

I think the two lists are conceivably both accurate as they're trying to measure different things. Baer's list is measuring the sum of the total parts, where his focus is clearly on winning whether it be this year or in the future. Rogers says, "most improved."

I like the Twins moves of Nolasco and Hughes but not Pelfrey so much. The Twins are trying to upgrade their rotation and it is clear they did that but the dollars spent, Baer appropriately challenges, likely doesn't make them a winner. I'd argue the Twins couldn't have/will not sign Baer's recommendations. I don't think for lack of interest from the Twins but for lack of being the destination of choice, sometimes comes at a considerable premium.

Baer's arguments that the Twins are improving but the spend likely doesn't make them a winner. Rogers said they're top 5 most improved.... conceivable that they're both accurate.

#5 ND-Fan



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Posted 01 January 2014 - 11:59 PM

Baers perception of off season work by Twins I think is poor analysis of what has been done. I
think the twins have improved their pitching for this year and several years to come. I think Nolasco will provide them with good solid pitcher that they can count on giving them a chance to win a game. Hughes I think has upside potential and wouldn't be surpriced that we get a career year or two out him and everybody will be wondering why we didn't sign him to 4 year deal with 5th year option. Pelfry is going to fill role in 4 or 5 starter until some our prospects are ready to be moved up. It appears to me that the Twins have made decision to not move up pitching prospects until they are ready to compete a major league level. Some of its do with timing to match their position prospects that will be arriving later and will give team more control of these pitchers through their prime years. The free agents they have signed will only be fraction of what it will cost to keep some new prospects when they start costing money. I also think ownership and management has come to baseball side saying that they can't wait for the long rebuild its to costly to brand and revenue stream they could have if they were contending team. The game has changed since they have moved to Target Field loss of attendance and tv viewership is way more costly than improving team through Free Agency. Several other reporters or experts have rated Twins off season already in top 5 so there's a lot of difference of opinion. I still believe the Twins still need to make couple of moves yet both short term and longterm. Signing Tanaka would be longterm fix to pitching for the Twins. Also finding quality shortstop would be nice short term and long term fix for the Twins. I think this will require a trade with some other team deep in prospects on this like Texas but this will only could be done into season when Texas may need some player to fix glaring hole in their team if they want to make deep run into playoffs. My guess here would be trade of Perkins for such high prospect. Outfield will need some fixing on shorterm but some of prospects could be here before years out so this may not be addressed.