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Forgotten, Neglected, Igored

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#1 stringer bell

stringer bell

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Posted 01 December 2013 - 06:18 PM

Players that have been ignored, neglected, forgotten and/or given up on: Ryan Doumit, Vance Worley, Liam Hendriks, Scott Diamond, Anthony Albers, Chris Colabello, and Chris Parmelee. While there is good reason to think that several of these guys won't contribute much if at all to the Twins in 2014 or ever, I think someone of this group will help the club. Who should the Twins believe in and who should they jettison?

Here's my take: 1) Ryan Doumit is unacceptable as a primary catcher and he isn't a good enough hitter to be a regular DH. He can play a little right field (about as well as he catches) and he's not a bad hitter, but there's really not a spot for him on the Twins unless he is the primary DH.

2) Vance Worley was an overachieving young pitcher for the Phils, but he's been somewhere between poor and dreadful for the last year and a half. Many thought he was out of shape for the Twins. Worley isn't dominating, but he has experienced success, he's young and cheap. I think the Twins give him a long look and if they like what they see, he either makes the rotation or is a sixth starter/long man waiting for a chance that eventually will come.

3) Liam Hendriks is still young. He has basically been very good in the minors, but this hasn't translated for the Twins. Hendriks has shown glimmers of promise, but doesn't have an out pitch IMHO. Hendriks has an option left so I expect the Twins will keep him at Rochester again waiting for an opportunity which almost certainly will come.

4) Scott Diamond doesn't have above-average stuff. He was a fine pitcher last year when he combined outstanding command, some good fortune and a high ground ball rate to go 12-9 3.54 for a bad team. Diamond had "minor" elbow surgery, started the season on the DL and was never consistently effective. He didn't seem to have the same feel for his curve ball, his command in the strike zone wasn't as good and more balls found holes. As a lefty on a team lacking lefties in the rotation, he has a chance to win a spot, but he'll be an underdog. I think Diamond will have form closer to 2012 and could win a spot. If not, the Twins will lose him either by trading (selling low) or being claimed if he is DFAed.

#2 stringer bell

stringer bell

    Staunch supporter of the worst team in mlb. Who's the fool?

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Posted 01 December 2013 - 06:38 PM

5) Andrew Albers has a similar story to Diamond. He doesn't have a great arsenal, but good command and throwing lots of ground balls worked in Triple A and his first few starts. The pixie dust seemed to wear off after a few starts. Albers has options left, so I suppose he will be ticketed to Rochester and wait for a chance.

6) The two Chrises. Colabello is older, had a great season at AAA, hits righty and is a liability in the field (slight at first base, decidedly in right field). He has options remaining. Parmelee is now two years separated from his September success for the Twins. He also raked in Rochester in 2012. Parm played a respectable right field for the Twins and is okay at first. He is out of options, so either he makes the team or is exposed. My eyeball test says that Colabello won't every be able to hit good big league pitching. Parmelee has to adjust, but there's a small chance that he can be a good ML hitter. I think Colabello is dispatched to Rochester and Parm makes the team as a backup.

#3 Danchat


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Posted 01 December 2013 - 07:33 PM

My thoughts:
1) Doumit doesn't belong anymore on this rebuilding team.
2) Give Worley one more shot and see if he can turn it around.
3) I've given up on Hendriks. He's AAAA material. He won't be apart of our eventual playoff run so I don't want him here.
4) Diamond should probably move to the bullpen. Take Duensing's spot in the long relief dept.
5) Let Albers keep pitching in AAA and see if it's worth trying him out again once some pitchers get hurt up here. I am cautiously optimistic for him.
6) Colabello is flukey and I seriously can't tell if he can be in the MLB. Give Parmelee his final chance. I like him, and I think if the coaching staff can refine his swing he can bat .260 and hit 20 homers and play adequate RF/1B. If he fails here, another team (probably Baltimore) will put Parmelee to better use and show us his true potential.

#4 Tibs


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Posted 01 December 2013 - 07:42 PM

I don't think we can give up on Liam Hendriks quite yet. Let's give him another year. I don't think he is blocking anyone at AAA.

#5 ND-Fan



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Posted 01 December 2013 - 07:44 PM

The Twins will keep all players with options unless they can acquire somebody off waivers with more value than they perceive in these players. Diamond, Worley, and Hendricks my guess is that they keep Diamond because he's left hander. Worley is going to have impress Twins to stay on roster or they might try to see if they can get him through waivers. Hendricks I have kept thinking he would turn the corner but when he gets to big league he's is such disappointment. He may need change of scenery and different pitching philosophy then he will come back haunt the twins. Of all these players I betting that most will not be here in year with the twins I am betting the new wave will be here and these players have had their chance will either be traded or released. Also some additional players will be added to like Plouffe, Florimon, Williham, Pressely, and several more pitchers.

I bet by time we get through 2015 season Twins starting team will be 1st. Mauer, 2nd. Dosier,3rd. Sano, SS acquired player in future, Catcher Pinto if he cuts this year, Center Buxton, LF Hicks, RF Arcia, DH ?, reserves Escobar,Herman, and ?. Pitchers will be Myer, Nolasco, Hughes, Gibson, and Diamond-?, with Perkins, May,pressely,?, ?,? and?. The Twins will also get some prospects or fill needs from some on the roster but this team that's going to compete again.

#6 Halsey Hall

Halsey Hall

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Posted 01 December 2013 - 07:49 PM

The 2 P's, Parmelee and Plouffe should both find new homes IMO. I'd like to see the Colabello story continue. I wouldn't give up on any of those 4 pitchers quite yet.

#7 YourHouseIsMyHouse


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Posted 01 December 2013 - 08:38 PM

1. Doumit will likely see quite a bit of time at C unless the Twins sign one. I want to see what we have in Pinto, but I'm not concerned about Doumit's presence. He'll be a good bench player and be gone once his deal is done or if he can somehow reestablish trade value. He's pretty much expendable regardless of signing a catcher since I value the defense of a player like Fryer over Doumit's poor defense and limited hitting.

2 &3. What's this about giving second chances? These guys will have to earn their way back on the team and the standards for a return should be high. I think we already know that Hendricks is not a MLB starter. Vance's success prior gives him a little hope, but I'd keep him as the #6 guy in AAA.

4&5. Both these guys look like viable long relief options, more so Diamond. Keep one of them in the bullpen if a spot is available.

6. Might have another bench bat here. Again, I think only one of these two gets a spot. I think I'd lean more towards Colabello because his AAA performance was more recent and we need right handed batters.

So really I think 3 of these 6 can end up in minor roles on the team and that's why the have had the status the title states.

#8 Twins best friend

Twins best friend


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Posted 01 December 2013 - 09:20 PM

1. Doumit does have some value because you can plug him in at RF, C, 1B or DH so he is relatively flexible despite providing little defense at those positions. I have no problem with him until the half-year mark where Hicks/Buxton/Arcia/Willingham are all (theoretically) available in the outfield. At that point the Twins try to find a new home for him.

2. Worley has had success at the major league level before so I definitely think he deserves another look. I know a lot of people are sold on Deduno and I like him too but I'm looking for Gibson to take a big step forward and claim that spot that many are giving to Deduno(#4). I think Worley can compete with Deduno for #5.

3. I've never understood what people saw in Hendriks. I understand he has had great success in the minors but at this moment I view him as the pitcher version of Parmelee only lacking the gleaming start that Parmelee had.

4. Can't see him making the rotation unless he regains that sparkling command. It'd be interesting to see if his fastball gained any *umph* coming out of the bullpen.

5. Nope

6. Doumit > both. More versatile, more proven. Neither have a place with Mauer at 1st and Hicks expected to take right field after the Buxton arrival. Parmelee has been bounced around a lot and done nothing with his chances. Collabello was an awesome story last year but I remain skeptical.

#9 Riverbrian


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Posted 01 December 2013 - 09:49 PM

1. Doumit has more value to other clubs then he does for us. Trade him for some speed. We don't have any speed and we need some.

2. Worley needs another chance and he doesn't have any options. It's on Worley. His time in Minnesota depends on it.

3. Hendriks is inexperienced yet and still intimidated. Once the intimidation washes away... He may turn around and surprise some people.

4. Diamond is left handed and that could provide a longer leash.

5. Albers... Insurance... Replacement for when we have a couple guys on the DL. Great story... I pull for him.

6. Colabello... I sure wish he'd pan out. His power is legit and then some. I'm just worried that MLB pitchers are going to continue to exploit his batting style until he adjusts. He may be too old to adjust.

7. Parmelee... This is his year... He makes himself a major league ball player this year. I'm making the call. He just has to get his brain engaged at the plate to catch up to the high fastball. His defense in RF... BTW... Is darn good. Decent range and a great arm. He can play that wall like he's played it his whole life. I do not feel that Parmelee is even close to a defensive liability as some on TD claim. I think he is a defensive asset.

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#10 beckmt


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Posted 01 December 2013 - 10:11 PM

1. Doumit has value and Buxton/Hicks/Sano show up in mid year
2. Worley will be given another chance, do not know if he deserves it.
3. Hendriks = gone good AAAA pitcher, no major league out pitch.
4. Diamond = same as above.
5. Albers - insurance stashed at AAA
6. Good story, Twins need right handed bats and he can play first when Mauer DH's. Will see if he can hit enough
7. Parmelle - last chance, do not see him making the club.