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Article: Why Not? Here's my Blueprint

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#21 Trevor0333


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Posted 07 November 2013 - 08:05 PM

You lost me at Arcyalater...

Some good points & he is one of the few legitimate trade chips the team has but he is just scratching the surface. With Buxton coming sooner than later I think Hicks would be a better option to move over Arcia.

I'e always thought Billingsly was under rated but Im leary on taking chances on playes the year removed from TJ. A guy like Colby Lewis who is 2 years removed from major arm issues now would be better bets IMO.

There were the reports that the Rangers were very happy with the way Cruz handled the whole suspension sitaution. Even sticking around the clubhouse to support the team while he was out. I'd imagine a resigning with a lil hometown discount is inevitable.

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#22 Trevor0333


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Posted 07 November 2013 - 08:14 PM

I can handle having my blueprint called lame. It got me to read the next 1200 words he wrote that only suggested playing Ryan Doumit at first (failed thought) and having Meyer back up a 78-inning year by being the Opening Day #2 starter.

Good point on the innings pitched, that isnt counting the Arizona fall league innings or the rehab similated games etc innings either. Although that probably only amounts to another 20-30 innings pitched.

#23 Matt The Rat Williams

Matt The Rat Williams

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Posted 07 November 2013 - 10:25 PM

First of all no matter what the Twins do they are not really going anywhere in the short term. With that being said I really like the idea of bringing in Hughes, but can't get on board with trading Arcia. He was one of the only reasons I paid attention to what is now the perpetual suckfest at Target Field. Instead of trading a promising slugger like Arcia, I say shop The Hammer around. I am sure there are several fringe contenders looking for a veteran slugger at an affordable price. Take what you can get for him and move on to what we all know is a full blown rebuild in Minneapolis even if management refuses to publicly acknowledge the obvious.

When we inevitably hit the scrap heap in search of veteran pitchers with a pulse, Santana is the one everyone wants to see come home and recapture the magic. I also wouldn't mind taking a look at Barry Zito, Jeff Karstens ,Edinson Volquez, and/or Gavin Floyd. Karstens, Volquez, and Floyd are not done yet and are capable of reclaiming some of their past glory and I have always had a soft spot for that curveball of Zito's.

Trying to put together a decent lineup with what's on the roster and the available bodies in the free agent market at Twins prices isn't going to be easy. I would make the obvious move and put Mauer at first. Doumit then becomes the catcher in the short term. I keep Florimon at short, keep Dozier around but bring in Mark Ellis or Brian Roberts to compete. Keep Plouffe at 3rd until Sano is ready to go. The outfield is Arcia, Hicks, and take a flyer on Grady Sizemore. You still have Presley and Mastroianni to fill the bench until Hicks can go. Whatever they do I do NOT want to see Parmelee out there. I don't get it. He SUCKS! Now I know the squad I put together isn't going anywhere, but honestly if anyone out there thinks the Twins are contenders for anything other than the cellar, they are out of their mind.

Yes Jerm, this is your old buddy Matt the Rat Williams from BW. Now that I know you are an aspiring writer, I will be reading every article you got. Peace

#24 #24 Sano

#24 Sano

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Posted 07 November 2013 - 11:06 PM

I feel like the only person who thinks we should pick up Ervin Santana and then add Phil Hughes. 2 guys that need a big ball park (target field). Hughes plays in a left handed loving ballpark and Santana plays in Kansas City, there ball park is decently sized but you still give up big flys. Get those guys out of those ball parks and bring them into pitcher friendly target field. Then later next off season pick up Max Scherzer and then you have a really good rotation.
2014 vs. 2015 rotation
Santana Scherzer
Hughes Santana
Deduno Hughes
Corriea Deduno
??????? Meyer
I think Worley, Diamond, and Hendriks have there last chance showing they can pitch in the bigs. I don't really want to give Kyle Gibson the spot right away I think he would have to earn it through spring training. I don't think any one was impressed with Gibson but he can prove that was just a bad rookie season if he has success in spring. Well I hope for the best, cannot wait till next spring.

#25 JP3700


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Posted 08 November 2013 - 12:17 AM

Great story and blueprint. While I may not agree with all of it, I like that it went a little out of the box. Hadn't thought about Billingsley and the fact that he has an option year is key. Hughes could be very good in years 2 and 3 with that outfield.

#26 lee_the_twins_fan



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Posted 08 November 2013 - 10:42 AM

Good analysis. I am beginning to like signing Hughes. Two years seems reasonable, but maybe even three.

IMO what the Twins need to do in the short term (for 2014):
• Sign three bonafide starting pitchers. This is where the Twins should spend their offseason money. Hughes would be one, but Scott Kazmir, Josh Johnson and Hughes would make a great starting three. I'm not sure we could get all three, but think about this; If the Twins signed Hughes, it would add credibility to the belief they are turning the franchise around. Then you sign Johnson and Kazmir.

• Trade Trevor Plouffe this offseason. Get a young A level starter in return. Plouffe is a disappointment to me offensively and defensively. Too many people seem willing to keep him until Sano is ready to take over at 3rd base.

• Use Escobar and Santana at 3rd base until Sano is ready.

• Give Colabello another shot. This guy can hit. I would make him our starting first baseman – tell him that this offseason, and tell him to get ready.

• Use Willingham, Presley and Arcia as the main outfielders until Hicks can prove he is again ready to start. Then put him in center and let Presley be the fourth OF. Keep Mastroianni in reserve and Parmelee on the bench.

• Keep the existing relief corps, except make Swarzak the fifth starter. Call up Edgar Iberra to add to the relief corps.

• As for catcher, I'd keep Mauer and Pinto there, 50/50 each, with the other DHing and Doumit on the bench.

• Keep Dozier and Florimon as the middle infielders, at least until Rosario is ready. Once Rosario is ready, I'd put Rosario at 2B, move Dozier to 3B and keep Florimon as a late-inning replacement.

I am crazy, I know. But if the Twins could sign three really good pitchers, they could turn this thing around – even in 2014, which most people seem to have already written-off.

As for Ervin and Johan, it might be nice, albeit a bit confusing, to have three Santanas on the same team (with Danny as well). I just don't see Ervin signing with the Twins. Johan might, but he's a long shot to make a strong contribution this season.

#27 lee_the_twins_fan



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Posted 08 November 2013 - 10:49 AM

Sorry - I meant move Dozier to SS, not to 3B.

#28 Siehbiscuit


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Posted 08 November 2013 - 11:30 AM

Pitchers Kazmir (2/$24M), Hughes and Johnson on 1 yr deals for $9 and $8, respectively. Gibson is the #4 and Correia the #5. Correia doesn't have his usual quick start and is replaced mid-May by Deduno, who was in extended ST getting as healthy as possible. MMeyer is called up in June after a dominant ST and first two months at AAA. Deduno is booted to bullpen even though he had been pitching adequately. Deduno walks a lot of guys in his bullpen role and Gardy's head explodes.

I would not spend money in FA this offseason. Except in this case:

Plouffe, Colabello, Parmalee and FA signing Mark Reynolds (3B/1B/DH) all provide some versatility. The three best of these 4 earn the 3B, 1B and RF or possibly the DH job.

Plouffe vs Reynolds for 3B. If Plouffe has a great spring and has turned a corner then great, as he is still a placeholder till Sano is ready. IF Reynolds does, he too is only a placeholder for Sano.

Reynolds vs Colabello vs Parmalee for 1B. Let the best bat win. If Colabello and Parmalee come out on top, Colabello is the 1B and Parmalee the RF. If its Reynolds and Colabello, then Reynolds goes to DH and Willingham is the LF.
C - Joe Mauer
1B - Colabello wins the job
2B - Dozier
3B - Reynolds (provides a poor average but some RH power)
SS - Florimon
RF - Parmalee or Plouffe (platoon???)
CF - Hicks (hopefully he can win the job in ST)
LF - Arcia (too young to DH fulltime)
DH - Willingham (rotation with Reynolds and Arcia)

Ryan Doumit will strictly be the backup catcher and Mauer will DH more often, but not be forced to play 1B more than 15 games in 2014.

SP - Kazmir gets the Opening Day nod
SP - Johnson the #2
SP - Gibson out performs Hughes and is the #3
SP - Hughes
SP - Correia (he implodes by mid-May)
SP - Deduno (replaces Correia and performs ok)
SP - Alex Meyer (replaces an "ok" Deduno and perfroms VERY WELL!)

Bullpen? Who cares cuz our starters are cruising!!!

#29 mlhouse


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Posted 08 November 2013 - 12:05 PM

I can handle having my blueprint called lame. It got me to read the next 1200 words he wrote that only suggested playing Ryan Doumit at first (failed thought) and having Meyer back up a 78-inning year by being the Opening Day #2 starter.

Like I said, mine is lame too.

The problem is that the Twins management has not created many opportunities for themselves. Despite losing 95+ games for 3 consecutive seasons we really have not been in any type of rebuild mode. ANd the other part is just pure realism. IT is highly doubtful that the Twins are going to suddenly open up their pocketbook. Decades of history have set their course.

I think you missed the fact that I project the Twins signing some low end free agent to play first. Doumit is only "penciled" in from what is on the roster now.

And, in the case of Alex Meyer, again, if he is not ready now, when will he be ready? Seriously, Meyer will turn 24 in Jan 2014. When Frank Viola was 24 he pitched 257 innings, went 18-12, and had a 3.21 ERA. The fact is, even Frank Viola was not ready for the major leagues when he first came up. But, they let him develop even though that meant he got battered around a bit. Viola's first two seasons with the big league team he had an ERA above 5. But, he took his lumps and it paid off.

THe point with Meyer is put him on the mound. Get him major league innings. Let him take his beatings and probably, like Viola, occasionally show glimpses of his upside. His ERA will probably be 5+, but we might as well get these development years out of the way NOW. He is already two years behind Viola in development which means Meyer will lose two years of his baseball prime.

What does this team have to lose? The Twins world series core was brought up together in 1982 (including Viola) with several of these guys getting their first taste of big league action in 1981. Unfortunately for Twins fans, I think we are in the 1981 year and that will be another losing season. I believe 2015 will be equivalent to the 1982 season with most of our new rebuilding prospects making their full season MLB debut. That year could be another 95+ loss year but just like in 1982 it might be somewhat entertaining because we will be able to see what these guys are capable of.

It is a long road back. It took the Twins 5 years to put together a team that could contend. But the sooner we get it started, the better.

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#30 ND-Fan



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Posted 10 November 2013 - 03:35 PM

The Twins should also look hard at signing Stephen Drew from Red Sox if he becomes a free agent. He would immediately secure the middle of infield with Dozier or Rosario who's pushing on making it to major league level. He young enough to still be effective with young kids coming up in next few years and he wouldn't be blocking anyone because the twins prospects for SS are few years away. This would put strong up middle defense for Twins with Mauer at catcher, Dozier at 2, Drew at SS, and Hicks or /Buxton on verge making the Twins.

#31 Alex


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Posted 10 November 2013 - 04:49 PM

I'm not going to disagree about Arcia, other than that, besides Jim Thome, LH hitters have come to Target Field to die. Would it be wrong to build a lineup that consisted of a RH power and LH slap? Probably a little...

Which LHB have come to die at Target Field?

#32 Jeremy Nygaard

Jeremy Nygaard

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Posted 10 November 2013 - 06:32 PM

Which LHB have come to die at Target Field?

Kubel: 28 HRs in his last year at the Dome; 21 at his first at TF and 12 (in less ABs) in his second year at TF.

Morneau: Obviously has worse power numbers because he, well, almost literally died.

Mauer: 28 to 9 (I know... I know...)

Span: 14 HRs in a year and a half at the Dome; 9 HRs in two and a half years at TF.

That's all the left-handed hitters that played both at the Dome and at Target Field.

Is there any left-handed batter that has done equally well or better at Target Field than he does at the other stadiums, besides Jim Thome?