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Weekly Prospect chats July 8th-12th

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Posted 12 July 2013 - 01:44 PM

BaseballAmerica had 3 prospect chats this week while Keith law had one. Here are the Twins questions and answers:
J.J. Cooper's Mid season prospect top 50 update chat:

[FONT=Helvetica Neue]If you had to pick one minor league team to watch for a week, which would it be? And how about if you had to pick just one minor league player?[/FONT]
[FONT=Helvetica Neue]J.J. Cooper: I thankfully got to pick and do it. Watching Cedar Rapids vs. Kane County and Quad Cities in a four-day span before Buxton was promoted was about as close to prospect heaven as I can imagine in 2013–Buxton, Almora, Vogelbach, McCullers, Ruiz, Correa and many more. If you can pick one player to watch, go see Byron Buxton play in Fort Myers.

Who has more top of the rotation ceiling for the Twins, Berrios or Meyer?
J.J. Cooper: Meyer.

Theory: Correa is underrated because of Buxton's explosion. He's the youngest hitter in his league, 9-10 months younger than Buxton, and has been better statistically than just about everybody else. If Buxton hadn't (rightly) grabbed everyone's attention right away, they'd be fawning like crazy over Correa.
J.J. Cooper: He’s ranked as the No. 9 prospect in all of baseball right now. Of the guys ahead of him, only two are not playing in Double-A or above. That’s really, really, really good. I’m not sure how underrated a guy who’s currently a top 10 prospect can be.

What are the chances that Sano is able to stick at 3b?
J.J. Cooper: I think very good. Scouts who have seen him this year say they think the questions about him sticking there are very overblown. He may eventually outgrow the position, but that could be years from now.

Max Kepler a top-100 guy in 2014? He's a forgotten guy in the Twins' system.
J.J. Cooper: He’s making a pretty strong case for it right now. He’s not forgotten, but yes, it’s hard to be too noticed when you missed half the season with injuries and are playing in the same org as Buxton and Sano.

Jim Callis weekly chat:
Do you think the Twins have any chance to sign Logan Shore? Thanks for taking my question!
Jim Callis: None. I believe they really like Shore but they ran out of money.

With the way Buxton has blown up this year is it officially time for major league front offices to realize that there is no draft strategy as good as "take the best talent available"? I've seen both the Quad Cities and Cedar Rapids play this year (before Buxton's promotion) and there's no way you'd trade Buxton, Luke Bard and Zach Jones for the Correa, McCullers & Ruiz package we've heard so much about. Correa looked good, but Buxton was breathtaking. You'd think teams would have learned by now that trying to save money at the top of the draft is a good way to look like an idiot.
Jim Callis: Correa was a legitimate No. 1 overall pick and is one of the best prospects in baseball … but Buxton is the best. And though Astros don’t want to believe me, the team could have had Buxton and McCullers (just not enough money left over for Ruiz). All that said, Correa is no slouch.

Franco and Sano have similar #'s. But Franco's #'s are better. Both are 20 years old but Franco is a legit 20(as you know Sano had an inconclusive investigation). Franco also profiles at least as an average defender at 3b where sank may require a move. How does sano rank 3rd in your mid season list and Franco miss the top 50?
Jim Callis: Think J.J. Cooper covered this exhaustively on Twitter the other day, but here’s the short answer: 1) Sano has MUCH more power and is the best power hitter in the minors and 2) there are concerns about how well Franco’s swing will play in the big leagues. But also realize that Franco would have made the Top 100 if we went that deep and there’s no shame in not making the Top 50. Franco is very good but Sano is better.

Even though he's struggled a bit with the adjustment to AA pitching, do you see mid-2014 as a realistic date for Miguel Sano to arrive in Minnesota?
Jim Callis: Yes.


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Posted 12 July 2013 - 01:45 PM

Keith Law's weekly chat:

[FONT=verdana]If you had to pick one player to watch at the Futures Game--could be someone you have already seen or yet to look at (if there is anyone you haven't seen)--who would it be?[/FONT]
Klaw (1:14 PM)


So any GM whose team is on pace for 90+ losses would be in some jeopardy? The Twins are looking to be on track for Year #3 and there are no mentions of Terry Ryan being on a hot seat (though he did walk into it somewhat). Are the Twins so loyal and locked into their plan with their admittedly strong farm system that TR, despite poor major league level decision-making, is in no trouble?
Klaw (2:13 PM)

He took over a bad team. Different story. And things are looking up there as they are in Houston.

Not much Twins love from Law this week in the chat but here are two additional notes from him future games best tools preview:

Best power:
Minnesota's Miguel Sano is one of the minors' best hitting prospects, with huge in-game power, but if we're just talking raw power, he has competition from Rangers prospect Joey Gallo, who is tied for the Sally League (low Class A) lead in home runs but is one behind the league leader (teammate Lewis Brinson) in strikeouts.
Best speed:
Billy Hamilton of the Reds wins this yet again, but it's not quite a landslide with Minnesota'sByron Buxton, also an 80 runner but just a shade slower than Hamilton, in the same outfield this year. Houston second baseman Delino DeShields Jr. rounds out the top three.
Link to full article (insider):http://insider.espn....he-futures-game

Baseball America's Matt Eddy prospect hot sheet chat:

  • Who are you most excited about seeing at the futures game?

Matt Eddy:[FONT=Helvetica Neue] I would have to say the prospects with the freak 70-80 tools: Joey Gallo's power, Christian Bethancourt's arm, Miguel Sano's power, Archie Bradley's fastball, etc. I also have soft spots for more well-rounded prospects like Francisco Lindor and Christian Yelich, and seeing the low-level arms is always a highlight—guys like Taylor Guerrieri, Noah Syndergaard (just four starts at Double-A), Miguel Almonte, Rafael De Paula, Kyle Crick, etc.

No Twins made it on the weekly hot sheet so not many questions about them. Two did make it to the daily prospect notebook. Here is what they had to say:

[FONT=Helvetica Neue]Chris Colabello, 1b/rf, Twins: The last two years of Colabello’s career have been a payoff for the previous seven. After spending seven years dominating the independent Can-Am League, he finally got his shot at affiliated ball with a contract to join the Twins in 2012. Since then, he’s starred for Team Italy in the World Baseball Classic and made his big league debut. Along the way, he’s put together one of the best seasons in the minors this year. Playing at Triple-A Rochester, Colabello leads all minor leaguers with a 1.091 OPS, and he hit his 23rd home run of the season and his second in two nights on Wednesday.[/FONT]
[FONT=Helvetica Neue]If he doesn’t get called back up to majors, Colabello has a shot at winning both the traditional and new-school (batting average, on-base percentage, slugging) International League triple crowns. With a .357 average, Colabello leads the IL by nearly 20 points. The only two IL hitters within 100 points of his league-leading .656 slugging percentage are both currently playing in the big leagues. He’s also second in the league in OBP (.435) and second in home runs, two behind league leader Mauro Gomez. Colabello also leads the league with 72 RBIs.

Eddie Rosario, 2b, Twins: It’s easy to get caught up in what Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano are doing. The Twins have the No. 1 and No. 3 prospects in baseball, two players with very different skill sets but both possessing superstar potential. Then there is Rosario, who is more steady than flashy but is still one of the game’s elite second base prospects. After a big weekend, Rosario is hitting .284/.357/.432 through 23 games for Double-A New Britain, showing the hitting instincts and barrel awareness that should allow him to become an offensive-oriented second baseman in Minnesota within the next couple of years.[/FONT]

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Posted 12 July 2013 - 02:13 PM

One more note from Baseball Prospectus' Doug Thorburn:
What do you think of Kyle Gibson?[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]Doug Thorburn: Not bad, but some room for improvement. I like that he starts with some flex in the knees, but he also tends to hunch over a bit in the early phases of his delivery, and it looks like he could use some more functional strength to help stabilize balance. He is a low momentum guy with a short stride, and though he repeats it pretty well, I think that he could benefit from a stronger burst to the plate.[/FONT]