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9 In a Row

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#1 nicksaviking


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Posted 24 May 2013 - 02:28 PM

By nature the fans on this site dig deeper into baseball than the average or casual fan. We analyze why the pitching staff has the worst strikeout numbers, we debate which youngsters should get called up and who should be playing everyday. We talk about the minutea that makes up, and is meaningful to baseball.

Because of this, I believe we have been sidestepping the simple fact that this team has lost nine games in a row. It has hardly been brought up on this site. I think we knowingly avoid big picture details like the won/loss record because instead we want to know what causes the record to be so.

However, we are in the minority of Twins nation. To others, the nine loses in a row is going to be the issue that sticks out and needs to be remedied. My mom doesn't know Mike Pelfrey's WHIP, but she sure as hell knows that the Twins have lost nine games in a row. Mike Pelfrey's WHIP isn't going to make her turn off the TV and go outside this Memorial Day weekend, the nine loses will.

With this floating in my mind the last couple of hours, is there a magic number that the front office will not tolerate? Surely there is. Will Ryan have no choice but to make drastic changes if the steak were to reach 15? Or 12? Or 10?

The Star Tribune isn't going to publish an article with the headline Aaron Hicks OPS+ is Only 45. It certainly will publish an article titled Twins Losing Streak Reaches 10 Games. At what point will Ryan decide the headlines regarding losing are more embarassing and damaging to the organization than the one that reads Twins Fire Gardenhire after 12 Seasons.

#2 silverslugger


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Posted 24 May 2013 - 02:48 PM

What is he, T. Ryan, going to do about it? What are you suggesting? What if the streak does reach 12 or 15 or 18 games?

I'll tell you what he's done about it during the first 9. He sent down Hernandez and Worley and he called up Deduno and Walters. I'll tell you what he did about it over the offseason. He changed out 4/5's of the rotation and managed to make it WORSE!

What will he do at 12? I dunno, perhaps call up Gibson? Will that help? Not sure.

I'll tell you what we won't see and shouldn't see. We won't and shouldn't see anybody currently playing in Fort Myers anytime this season. We won't and shouldn't see anybody playing in New Britain prior to September.