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MLB Team affected by Covid, getting in the whole season

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Posted 18 August 2020 - 02:27 PM



My apologies if someone has brought this up before, but has anyone heard if MLB has instituted a minimum number of games played requirement to be eligible for the playoffs?


They way it is going the Cardinals won't come close to playing 60 games.What if they finish say 25-15 and another team is 35-25?Based on wins/losses the two teams are tied, but the Cards clearly have a higher winning %.


Who goes to the playoffs?


As 9of12 astutely points out, with those records, both teams would go. (I fumbled with the multi-quote thing, but couldn't get it to work? I clearly need a FAQ page for this platform.)


So let's re-cast the question, as the Cardinals are in the NL and as of today only six NL teams have winning records. StL is 5-5, Milw is 10-10, and SDP is 12-12.


For the sake of argument, pretend the Phillies get hot and blow on by these three, so that seven teams have better records.


What if, vying for the 8th spot, St. Louis ends at 26-27, Milwaukee at 28-29, and San Diego at 29-30? The Padres would have the best winning percentage, by a minuscule margin.


Switching back to the pragmatic, my guess is that MLB would bust a gut trying to get everyone to 60 games--or maybe just the same number, if under 60. But let's pretend 2020's penchant for the catastrophic has continued--we needn't speculate on derechos, firenados, or New Madrid fault earthquakes and Lake Michigan tsunamais. 


Yes, yes, I know. That would be messy. But let's pretend the current administration is cleaning it up just fine.


The important question is this:Does anyone know how MLB would handle teams that close at the end of the season? 



Sorry, twinbythebay, I just now noticed that you saw something about winning percentage being the determining factor for playoff qualification.


Where did you find that? The closest I could find was this quote from ESPN in July:


"Tiebreaker games will be eliminated, with ties broken by head-to-head record, followed by better record within a team's division and record in the last 20 games within the division. If there is still a tie, the standard would be last 21 games within a division, then 22, etc.


"Teams could finish the regular season with differing numbers of games played; regular-season postponements will be made up at Manfred's discretion."


The tiebreaker stuff only seemed to address ties between two teams in a division. Otherwise, the note on "differing numbers of games" would lead you to believe they'd use winning %.


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Posted 18 August 2020 - 03:02 PM

I think someone edited my original title LOL.


For whoever that smarty-pants was, take a look at STL as "Exhibit B"!

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Posted 18 August 2020 - 03:21 PM


I think someone edited my original title LOL.


For whoever that smarty-pants was, take a look at STL as "Exhibit B"!


It was another moderator, but since this thread had gone beyond the scope of just the Marlins, either a title change or closing the thread all together were probably the only courses of action.


And so everyone is clear, this thread is still to discuss impacts Covid has on individual teams and the MLB season, it's not to debate or pontificate about quarantines and pandemics.