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Opinion - Is the way to fix baseball implementing a 60 game season?

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#21 Dman


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Posted 30 July 2020 - 07:36 AM

You could have two season like in the minors.The first half division winners would automatically have a spot in the playoffs.This accomplishes a couple of things.It means that the first 80 games have more meaning and it allows all teams to start fresh for the second half so you can keep all around fan interest higher.Nothing worse than having a young team flounder in the first half never quite able to make up the ground needed the rest of the way or devastating injuries early and the team can't make up those games the rest of the way.Splitting the season would give improving teams a chance to make the playoffs in the second half.


IMO I think splitting the season could solve a lot of problems talked about in this article and mute the main comments against the shorter season.

#22 twins1095


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Posted 30 July 2020 - 12:16 PM


I wouldn’t say a sport that has seen ratings decline consistently for the last 25 years and attendance declining for the last 10-12 years is “doing fine”.




Thanks for this response. I think that posters here are coming at this response from the wrong angle. The reason that all of us here are because we love baseball and the majority of us love the longer schedule for a variety of reasons... many of which have been listed out as responses. I was hoping to see thought-experiments from a more macro non-traditionalist perspective.


I personally enjoy the 162 game season, but I think a radical change in incentives could have a trickle-down effect that leads to a much more interesting mass-market product. Ultimately, I do not think that there are any small tweaks (pitch clock, 3-man batter rule, not stepping out of the box between pitches, etc) that really make a big difference to the product itself. I think more radical changes to the product itself have to be made in order to reverse those trends.


I was hoping to theorize and discuss what the product would look like if you drastically change the incentives that teams, managers, and players face and if that change in incentives could potentially be a solution that draws in fans and demographics that baseball has been losing for the past decade or two.

#23 mikelink45


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Posted 30 July 2020 - 02:10 PM


I don't think a 60 game season will bring in more, young fans. I don't think the random tweaks in the rules will do it either. I'd suggest the MLB invests heavily in Little League, Babe Ruth, and donate some money so every public elementary school in the state has a team and a place to play. I'm a baseball fan because I played on three or four different teams every summer growing up, not because OPS is particularly interesting. Not every fan needs to digest all the new stats and metrics. Just get kids playing baseball. Was there every anything better than when your whole Little League team went to the Dome to catch a Twins game? That's how you make life long fans, hook 'em early.

I did not have access to baseball, but I played a lot of softball and you are right - dreams start on the diamonds