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Neither the Players or Owners will win over fans

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Posted 15 June 2020 - 03:50 PM

I was too young to really remember the 94 strike.I barely followed baseball and just remember hearing there was a strike.I know it nearly killed baseball at the time.This time could be even worse, for many different reasons.Unlike in 94 when there was no social media and instant player reactions this time around we hear the bickering going on.


I have posted many comments that both sides are to blame, and that is because neither side is willing to budge.However, both sides are trying to win the fan support.Owners by leaking offers of all different packages and calling poor us billionaires we are not as rich as you think we are, which for some is actually true, but not going to get into worth and liquid assetson this.The players claim we want more baseball for the fans, the owners want less.Trying to get fan support for the owners to cave.  


However, what both sides want is the largest piece of the pie.The pie that is built by the fans.You see, the revenue no matter how it is broken up comes from fans, or consumers of products that are advertised on TV, radio, or at games.All that money goes into teams and gets spent on staff and players.The players want their fair share, which is right for them, but the owners say the pie is smaller this year.Players don't care they want more.Owners want more.  


So what we get is less games so players game same share of pie owners willing to share.Eventually, this will lead to work stop age.The players will cry greedy owners.But the owners will never operate at a loss, and nor should they no business should.So who pays for the increase cost of players salaries?WE DO!As the players and owner fight of the pie, that keeps growing because of our money, we pay more to players can feel like they won the fight with the owners.Both sides will fight over how our money gets divided up. 


I am not calling for a boycott when baseball does return.I will not be going to games, but will watch on TV.I love baseball, but when the two side fight like this it makes me sick.If they had revenue sharing they could work together to grow the sport to raise revenue, our money, but to raise fan experience.In stead they are working to tear it down.Baseball is not the only game in town and NBA is rising to beat them.It will be interesting if this bickering and more direct competition for whole season will hurt the MLB more than ever.  

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