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Front Page: Top 20 Minnesota Twins Assets of 2020: Part 4 (1-5)

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#41 Det95Twins


    Elizabethton Twins

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Posted 10 January 2020 - 01:42 PM

Jeffers is the only player on the list I might quibble about.The order seems way out of whack to me, though.I'd go:


1.Buxton--if this guy ever stays healthy and plays up to his ability, he is a potential MVP and a definite game changer.

2.Sano--prodigious power and the future DH once Cruz retires.

3.Berrios--only pitcher with close to ACE stuff.

4.Cruz--I think his presence and Baldelli's led to the Twins turnaround last year.

5.Kepler--good contract, huge upside, good defense

6.Garver--good upside, made big strides last year defensively, great power

7.Lewis--great potential, future SS

8.Polanco--unlikely to get better, good offensively, bad defense and should be moved to 2B, great contract

9.Rogers--anchors the BP

10.Odorizzi--solid #3 SP

11.Pineda--could be the #2 SP

12.Rosario--would be higher if he used his head more in LF and on the bases

13.Graterol--electric stuff but hasn't translated to success in the MLB yet

14.Kirilloff--looks like a future solid contributor

15.Larnach--great potential.  

16.Balazovic--good stuff

17.Arraez--looks like a good hitter but awful defensively and very little power

18.Dhuran--hope his stuff translates to MLB

19.Duffey--solid RP

20.Jeffers--hope he proves out (I'd put Gordon or Raley here)

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#42 Cap'n Piranha

Cap'n Piranha

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Posted 10 January 2020 - 04:14 PM


I don't want a team to trade for him at all, actually. I moreso just pointed out his defense because if a team like say the Red Sox traded for Polanco, they'd be able to look at his metrics and know that they don't need to move Xander Boegarts off SS for him. If Polanco was a second baseman, he'd likely have more defensive value and would still be a premier player at his position. There probably aren't a ton of teams that would value him as a shortstop longterm.


It could be argued Polanco would actually be more valuable at second than at short.Last year 15 players qualified at short with a wRC+ of 100 or more, compared to only 10 at second (which is somewhat misleading as both Torres and LeMahieu appear on that list).Polanco's 4 WAR is more likely to be an upgrade/bigger upgrade at second than at short.Unfortunately, the Twins can't take advantage of this, due to not having an in-house option at short, and the need to keep Arraez at second.

#43 jorgenswest


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Posted 10 January 2020 - 06:19 PM

Berrios is the most critical to get an extension. He has to be number 1. No loss would hurt the Twins more this year and probably the next two.

Why not double his projected pay the next two years and then give him market rate for three more? Doesn’t Berrios take that deal? It is so much more guaranteed money in the next three years and every arm is fragile looking that far out.

I really would like them to aggressively get extensions on Berrios, Sano and Buxton. With those extensions they join Kepler and Polanco as a core of valuable assets, It can be done. Every deal doesn’t have to be a team friendly deal. Pay up with a big boost this year to entice them. They aren’t spending the money anywhere else.

#44 birddog


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Posted 11 January 2020 - 11:19 AM

Great article and fun reading. So we don't all agree with the order you proposed? Imagine how difficult it has to be to swing a trade with another team who may or may not agree on the value of your players or theirs. Needs tend to swing values in a big way. 


The good news is the present looks good for the Twins and the future appears to be highly rated as well. You can see why teams don't like to go to arbitration with players as they need to accentuate the negative for those players, just like most of us are doing with our top 20. With the good comes the bad. I pray Buxton is #1 next year on this list, for if he is I am looking forward to the healthy season he will have.

#45 sweetmusicviola16


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Posted 11 January 2020 - 11:38 AM

Sano with his now 4 year deal in hand has now vaulted up this list. I'd put him in a tie for 3rd with Polanco right behind Berrios and Kepler.


With his ability to dominate a game with his bat it could even be argued that he's now our #1 asset. Pitchers don't fear either Kepler or Polanco. I believe they do when it comes to Sano. Great extension by Falvey.

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