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Front Page: Twins Game Recap (8/13): Marwin Comes Up Clutch To Put the Twins Back in First Place

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#21 AceWrigley


    Ft Myers Miracle

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Posted 14 August 2019 - 07:12 AM

If I don't have a coronary before the season is over I'll be amazed. Grandal's homer in the bottom of the 7th was crushing, just crushing. I'm sure Harper felt about an inch tall. Red Sox were up 6-1 on the Indians, who then claw back and tie it in the 9th.


Oh great, here comes being 1.5 games out. Then . . . SwissG to the rescue. Wow. The first pitch he saw from Hader and POW. It wasn't even a bad pitch. What a clutch hit. Bradley hits a homer in the 10th for the Red Sox and they hang on to win. We hang on to win. Back in first. Awesome.


Looks like the Bomba Squad vs the Scrappy-Do's for the rest of the season. Not looking forward to CLE getting Kluber and Carassco back; that will make it that much harder. Getting Buxton back will help. Go Twins.



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#22 terrydactyls1947


    Pensacola Blue Wahoos

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Posted 14 August 2019 - 07:26 AM

Yesterday was Tuesday, August 13.It was the 119th game of the year putting the Twins 73% of the way through the season.The Twins hit 2 home runs upping their record-breaking season total to 230 home runs.They are now only 37 home runs behind the single-season MLB record.

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#23 big dog

big dog

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Posted 14 August 2019 - 07:29 AM

Is there any timeline for Buxton's (probably temporary) return to the lineup?Man, I love the guy, but geez.


I really think the Twins' radio spots should have Buxton doing the ad for the MRI, not Kepler.That doesn't make sense.Let Kepler sell the Sheboygan sausages.

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#24 terrydactyls1947


    Pensacola Blue Wahoos

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Posted 14 August 2019 - 07:34 AM

I went to bed right feeling thoroughly disgusted right after Grandal's home run. I was very surprised and happy when I saw the headline of this article this morning. Maybe it's time for Harper to take a trip to the IL?

#25 wabene



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Posted 14 August 2019 - 07:49 AM

Right now I would have the Duffmaster and Mayday May ahead of Harper. That puts him at number six in the pecking order. We were up by three but if it was me I felt that was too important for number six. A guy like Harper is a bit gimmicky and you gotta pick your spots.

#26 VATwinsFan


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Posted 14 August 2019 - 07:49 AM

Dodged a bullet -- the Brewers were 1 for 12 w/RISP.



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#27 In My La-Z-boy

In My La-Z-boy

    Cedar Rapids Kernels

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Posted 14 August 2019 - 07:53 AM


Knowing now that Rogers was unavailable (which after 2 innings on Saturday and a bunch more pitches on Sunday should have been obvious), it makes more sense to go to Harper to start the 7th. At that point, you know the ideal situation is Dyson in the 8th and Romo in the 9th. Harper's been fine, and having him start the 7th is fine. I thought it was pretty clear pretty quickly that he didn't have the break on the breaking ball. Ideally you go to Duffey a couple of batters sooner. 

You are being generous - I'd replace the word "Ideally" with "obviously". Major mistake so obvious I called it to my wife 5 seconds before it happened, and I was half asleep. Great win for us, whew!

#28 gocgo



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Posted 14 August 2019 - 08:13 AM


Not trying to be Mr. Negative here and you hit on it at the bottom, but I thought it was fairly clear Harper didn't have his stuff tonight, and when that happens you have to get him out right away because he won't overpower you with it, and Rocco made the mistake of leaving him in which I'd consider poor bullpen management. Makes a little more sense now knowing Rogers was a no go but you still have Duffey and May who have performed similarly to Harper. Also I really hope Arraez was bunting on his own like Morneau suggested because it makes even less sense considering how amazing he has been in high leverage situations. And I'm with you, the performances of Romo and especially Dyson can't be overlooked.

Yeah, I think Luis was taking what they were giving....more curiously, Ryan Braun attempting to bunt with 2 outs?What was that about?

Mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy.

#29 SpicyGarvSauce


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Posted 14 August 2019 - 08:16 AM


Dodged a bullet -- the Brewers were 1 for 12 w/RISP.


Right. Perez played with fire at numerous times last night, and the Brewers lineup is pretty darn good.


6 K and 14 GB outs is pretty good stuff though from Perez.

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#30 Shaitan


    Rochester Red Wings

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Posted 14 August 2019 - 08:28 AM

I know it's just that people have different philosophies about bunting, but I agree in that situation. In a 1-run game, I'd advance the runners to prevent a double play every time. When he tried to put it down, I thought "this will go over well on the game thread."



#31 Puckett34



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Posted 14 August 2019 - 08:28 AM


BTW Dyson being effective is a huge story line IMO.  We are going to need him.

IF Dyson is right, the Twins have a decent 7th-8th-9th bullpen with Dyson, Romo and Rogers. Collectively, they won't blow your hair back, but more times than not, they'll get the job done. 


At least that's what I want to believe.

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Hit dingers. Never bunt.

#32 JLease


    Pensacola Blue Wahoos

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Posted 14 August 2019 - 08:32 AM

Great news for Dyson to have a strong 1-2-3 inning. After his horrid, injured start hopefully this gives everyone (fans included) a little more confidence in him; I think he's going to be a really nice piece down the stretch.


Romo has done a fine job since joining the team and while I don't love the HBPs, everything else looks good with him and I like adding his experience to that 'pen. If May can find some consistency and with Duffey getting on a bit of a roll (a few too many walks, but he can work around it) the bullpen should be fine again. But they could really use one more lefty in the mix, and I'm not sure we have one that makes sense.


Weirdly, the thing that drove me craziest about last night's game was Polanco's error on the bunt in the 4th. Perez had plenty of time and gunned a throw that was high and outside, and Polanco was still thinking double play and clanked it. bad throw. bad catch. bad play. Just felt sloppy,

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#33 spycake


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Posted 14 August 2019 - 08:33 AM


To make matters worse, at that exact same moment, the Cleveland Indians came back from a 6-1 deficit to tie the game in the bottom of the ninth, thanks to a Francisco Lindor double. Fortunately for the Twins, the Red Sox were able to get out of the inning to force extras, where Jackie Bradley Jr. came up big with a go-ahead home run. In the bottom of the 10th, Andrew Cashner, of all people, came in and closed the door on the Indians loss.

Cleveland apparently had a Diaz-level baserunning mistake too:


After hitting the game-tying double in the bottom of the 9th, Lindor was on 2nd base with only 1 out, Oscar Mercado at the plate and recent hero Carlos Santana on deck.


And Lindor was caught stealing at third base for the 2nd out of the inning!



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#34 Tomj14


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Posted 14 August 2019 - 08:45 AM

I don't Arraez was told to bunt in that situation for a few reasons, number one it was a terrible attempt at a sacrifice, absolutely terrible (for a sacrifice), number two Moustakas had just moved position, and finally Morneau made it sound like that Arraez did that on his own.


As far as having Harper start the 7th, I was perfectly fine that (hey that way he doesn't let an inherited runner score :)) but after Yelich got on I thought he should have been taken out.

Relief pitchers are going to have bad outings and I think it is on the manager and pitching coach to stop it before it gets out of hand or if the game isn't close decide to see the pitcher can work through it.


Sadly for the last month or so it does seem like one relief pitcher is going to have a rough outing and the defense is going to make at least one sloppy play or error, and it is huge when the bats can make up for that, and it sucks and feels like the end of the season when they don't. (Life of a Twins fan)



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#35 lukeduke1980


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Posted 14 August 2019 - 08:58 AM

Duffey wasn't perfect but continued a stretch of effectiveness.  

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#36 Darius


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Posted 14 August 2019 - 09:00 AM

Huge win. Still not overly encouraged about this team going forward. But, I’ll take it.

This pitching staff is just awful. Even after a win I should be happy about, it’s hard to be optimistic knowing the state we’re in pitching-wise. It feels like a dead team walking right now.

#37 Don Walcott

Don Walcott

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Posted 14 August 2019 - 09:08 AM

Honestly, as I was watching the game, I was hoping they'd just put Yelich on first with the count at 2-0. Harper grooved a 90 MPH fastball down the middle to arguably the best hitter in baseball. He was lucky it didn't go out. It seemed clear that Harper wasn't going to be able to get guys out last night. However, I'm not sure at what point the manager is responsible for getting him out of there. Would have been a pretty quick hook to take him out after the Yelich AB, and would have signaled a lack of confidence in Harper. Harper's been good this year -- somewhat making up for all the guys who we thought would be good but weren't. I'm hoping this is just one bad appearance for him, and in a couple of days, he'll be getting outs for us in Arlington.

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#38 bunt_vs_the_shift


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Posted 14 August 2019 - 10:11 AM


I think Perez was kind of playing with fire all night. Certainly wasn't a sharp outing and he didn't look dominant. That said, it's hard to rain on his parade when he pitched a quality start. I think we'd all be happy if the guy managed 5+ innings and gave up 2-ish runs. We don't need him to be spectacular, just serviceable. He was indeed serviceable last night, can't say otherwise.

I agree with the Perez take on needing him to be serviceable. I was also losing my mind last night wondering if I was watching the same game when the broadcast team kept going out of their way to talk about how great he was pitching. Four walks and 9 guys LOB in 6 innings? That was luck and I am happy with the outcome, but not the process. And that process does not give me any more confidence in Perez than I had before last night. I know we need to patch it together down the stretch but I'd love to see Thorpe get some more looks as a starter. I don't know what the analytics say, but it seems like his stuff will play. Perez and Smeltzer need to adjust to the adjustment if they are to have any future success. 

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#39 joefish


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Posted 14 August 2019 - 10:21 AM

The Arraez bunt attemp. Trying to get runners to 2nd and 3rd with one out is the only situation where I would give up an out late in the game. Right there.

#40 jimbo92107


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Posted 14 August 2019 - 10:31 AM


As I was floating in my blimp above Miller Park, I saw a team in trouble, having a hard voyage, and isn't that what it's all about, the voyage? Lots of turbulence: it has been a bumpy ride. Yet, when I embarked on my voyage 5 months ago, I never expected that mid-August would reveal .600 baseball, and 1st place. Regardless of how this all unfolds, it certainly has been an interesting ride.

From my cloaked orbital chalet, I sipped a squeeze bottle of pinot noir while considering whether to obliterate Milwaukee. Bad beer, bunch of hooligans... burp.

On paper this 2019 Twins squad looked potent at the plate, but dubious on the mound. They proceeded to launch enough missiles to trigger my automatic shields and laser retaliation drones, but I calmed the drones...good doggies, just the mailman. 

Meanwhile, this particular mix of players in April produced a startling burst of great baseball. Flashing in the ultraviolet were Perez, Odo, Berrios, Cron, Schoop, Buxton, Rosario and Polanco. Sparking high-energy neutrons were Kepler, Gonzo, and some surprisingly effective relievers. I'm still a little incredulous about Harper, but he still gets a generous assortment of awkward whiffs. 

Now in the dog days, some things have become clear. The illusion of a good bull pen has evaporated. Perez has returned to earth. Gibson continues to gyre and gabe. Schoop has practically disappeared in the shadow of a new star, Luis Arraez, who appeared in a basket one day on the Twins doorstep with a note: "Play Him." 

Among the pleasant surprises is Sir Gonzo, a utility player of the same magnitude as Eduardo Escobar. How did Houston let him escape? Also pleasant has been the gradual development of Miguel Sano's hitting game, replacing his long, loopy swing with an almost Garver-like quick to the ball flick. They still go over the fence...

Questions remain, of course. Can the Twins regain a lead in the Central? Can't really blame them for losing it, given Cleveland's incandescent run after the mid-point. Almost no way so many Twins hitters could remain that hot. Now it will come down to a more normal mix of good hitting with good pitching. The FO has been playing musical chairs to find good arms in the minors...a couple more rounds of music to follow...Graterol? Thorpe? Duran? All of them?

Whoops, now I'm floating out of range. Running low on beer and wine, might send a laser drone to fetch some...

Oh, and monkeypaws, I forgot to mention, your blimp has a little leak just above the left tail fin. You should consider switching to helium gas. Hydrogen has a bad rep!

The door opened. A woman screamed. Someday, my mom would learn to knock.

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