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Home Runs

effect on game
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Posted 10 July 2019 - 12:03 PM

When you think aboout the evolution of the game, you need to look at everything. 

- Look at the changes in gloves.Don't you think that has changed hitting stats.

- What about the way fields are maintained compared with what they were in the early days.

- Pitching ? The mound was raised and lowered. We get a new ball, eliminating every possible scuff and cut. 

- Nutrition ? Players are bigger and faster and they train better.They are smarter and they train smarter.


We no longer give any consideration to the .400 batting averages of the 19th century.Nobody pitches complete games any more and gone are the 4 man rotations.Everything changes but baseball tends to stay the same.It has trends, and right now there is a home run trend. So what.:)



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Posted 10 July 2019 - 12:06 PM


Now you are into a separate issue - an "establishment" issue - Bud is a part of the "club" - in fact - he ran the "club" - and just like politics, they protect there own. Bud and the rest of them sold there soul. I agree if there is no Clemens, there should be no Bud. 

Now I'd be very interested to hear your take on Pete Rose. 

Thanks Ben!


Rose is a whole other take. Gambling is one of those things that simply has been a no-no over the history of the game. One of the major reasons that MLB was so slow to join with other leagues on DFS fantasy and gambling partnerships is that long-standing history against gambling. It would appear hypocritical to partner with gambling when for years the league kept gambling at such a distance.


The issue, of course, is that the distance has never really been there. The league has always been getting money from gambling. Owners in the league have made significant money from gambling enterprises (and some even gambling on baseball, per historical records from the early 1900s). The Black Sox scandal that we are celebrating the 100-year anniversary of this year was really the owners responding to losing control of how the gambling money was filtering to their players. Previously, gambling money filtered through owners to players quite often, and no one said a word. There are many documents of players receiving payouts in the early 1900s from gamblers, but those players are in the Hall of Fame today.


After the Black Sox scandal, however, the game became very stringent on the issue. Multiple players who lost their careers (and potential HOF chances) in the Black Sox scandal had significantly less evidence to ban them than did Rose, but they don't have people fighting for them to have their names cleared in the same way.


Pete Rose is in the Hall. When I visited the Hall, quite literally the largest cutout in the entire place was a roughly 8' tall cardboard cutout of Rose in full sprint. He's not in the one room where there are plaques. In talking with people from the HOF, an average visitor, in studies they have done, spends roughly 7 minutes in the display area of the Hall for every 4 minutes they spend in the plaque room.


I personally struggle with putting in Rose ahead of Black Sox guys. There's enough evidence to suggest Rose shouldn't be in at all, but there are plenty of questions to the validity of that evidence, so I'm not the legal mind to discuss whether there's enough grounds for the case against Rose.

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