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What to do with Arraez?

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#1 psturnbloom


    Elizabethton Twins

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Posted 22 May 2019 - 10:00 AM

My goodness, what a pleasant surprise this kid has been. With his minor league numbers, I figured he could do well in the bigs, but going 7-12 is damn impressive. I hope we see him in the lineup again tonight.

Question is, what's the right move to make once Cruz gets healthy? Who's going down? I figure it will probably be Arraez, but it sucks to see him go.
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#2 jtkoupal


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Posted 22 May 2019 - 10:07 AM

It's important to remember that baseball moves often work themselves out. It looked like Adrianza was going to be the odd man out a few weeks ago, but then Astudillo got hurt, then Garver and Cruz. Things work themselves out sometimes.


However, if the Twins are back to full health (on offense, at least), then Arraez probably goes back to AAA so that he can play everyday. The Twins are not in a position to experiment with young guys right now. Schoop is the second baseman, Polanco is the shortstop, and some combination of Sanó and Gonzalez will play third. Adrianza may also be gone, too.


Another possible option is to let Arraez be the next Adrianza. Probably not as good of an option, given that Adrianza doesn't have options and Arraez does. But if you think Arraez is better, then given the Twins current position, maybe having him replace Adrianza's role makes sense.


In short, I think sending Arraez back to AAA is the probable option, but replacing Adrianza is not out of the question, either.

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#3 AJswarley


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Posted 22 May 2019 - 10:11 AM

Think it is time to say good bye to Ehire Adrianza. He was fun to watch last year but you are having younger guys with better bats step up. Arraez has some versatility and is a better bat off the bench. I’m not as sold on Gordon as others, but I would be ok if he got a look (if an injury occurred).
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#4 jud6312


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Posted 22 May 2019 - 10:17 AM

I think a lot of Arraez's short-term future hinges on his defensive ability at SS. 


Short seems to be their thinnest position defensively, so they'll want to be sure they have someone there whose glove they're comfortable with should something happen to Polanco.


I'm not sure that would be Marwin, and the jury is still out on Arraez.


For better or worse, it might be Adrianza as neither his glove or bat is going to kill you.


It's just nice to even have the conversation for a change.

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#5 diehardtwinsfan



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Posted 22 May 2019 - 10:18 AM

I tend to agree on saying goodbye to Adrianza. He's redundant with Marwin on the roster. I would not be surprised at all if Arraez still goes back to AAA in the short term though. He's been a pleasant surprise, and 12 AB sample aside, if he keeps it up, he will probably be the front runner for 2B come next spring. 


I also think we'll see Gordon at some point (if he gets healthy). The Twins will need to get a good look at both of those guys before the 2020 season. 

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#6 jud6312


    Rochester Red Wings

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Posted 22 May 2019 - 10:18 AM

Or the other possibility that we seem to be overlooking is that he cools off and it's decided that he needs more time at AAA.


That, I think, is probably the most likely scenario.

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#7 tarheeltwinsfan


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Posted 22 May 2019 - 10:32 AM

When he runs to 1B after hitting the ball, he reminds me of Rod Carew.Arraez has been a pleasant surprise. He was not even rated in the TD top 20 prospects, and probably not in the top 20 prospects of any of TD's readers. I knew he could hit, but I have also been impressed with his fielding. 

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#8 Vanimal46


    What's His OPS?

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Posted 22 May 2019 - 10:37 AM

See ya Adrianza. The Twins shift so much that a slick Fielding SS is no longer a need IMO. Keep the good bat and trade Adrianza. They should at the very least get international bonus money or an A ball lottery ticket.
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#9 cmoss84


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Posted 22 May 2019 - 10:42 AM

I found it interesting during one of the last games that the announcers were talking about Rocco's respect for Ehire and how he thought he would make an excellent coach one day. To me, that means Ehire is out the door, and Rocco is playing politics to ease the move.  

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#10 Tomj14


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Posted 22 May 2019 - 10:51 AM

I think cutting a solid major league player (not good or great) for a guy with 12 at bats is not the best baseball move.

Remember players A through Z that started hot and didn't live up to it?


With that being said, I find a place for him in the lineup until he proves this start wasn't a fluke.


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#11 Danchat


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Posted 22 May 2019 - 11:11 AM

As much as I like this kid, I think I’d send him back to AAA for a couple months for more seasoning and everyday PAs. But he’d certainly be back later in the season because I want this guy on my bench.
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#12 stringer bell

stringer bell

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Posted 22 May 2019 - 11:12 AM

Since Adrianza got off to a terrible start, many on this site have wanted him off the roster. While his skill set isn’t unique, he does fit what the Twins (a contender!) need in a backup infielder.

Arraez has been impressive and may now be the choice (over Gordon) for a recall in the event of a middle infield injury. We don’t know how Arraez would do playing 1-2 times a week.

Arraez vs. Adrianza may be a question to be answered in 2020.
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#13 milldaddy35


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Posted 22 May 2019 - 11:13 AM

Send him down to AAA when Cruz is back. However, when Garver is back, send Willians out to AAA, and bring Arraez back up. 

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#14 twins_89


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Posted 22 May 2019 - 11:25 AM

I just don't see much chance of Adrianza lasting much longer in Minnesota. He's a bit redundant with Gonzalez and with Arraez/Gordon having options the Twins have alternatives that don't require a constant 25 man roster spot.


My guess is Arraez will be the 13th man who stays on the roster when someone is on the IL or if the team goes down to 7 relievers. Gordon would come up if Polanco is out and Cave would be the outfield replacement.

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#15 ashbury


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Posted 22 May 2019 - 11:49 AM

Send him down to AAA when Cruz is back. However, when Garver is back, send Willians out to AAA, and bring Arraez back up

Doesn't that bring the roster to 26?

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#16 ChrisKnutson


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Posted 22 May 2019 - 11:50 AM

If they really like Adrianza that much, why not try and have him accept an assignment to AAA with the promise of a September call up? If not, just trade him.

#17 yarnivek1972



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Posted 22 May 2019 - 11:52 AM

Fun with numbers: Ehire Adrianza has as many HR and a higher OPS than Eddie Rosario in May.

I still think it is highly unlikely he goes anywhere this season. He is still by far the best defensive shortstop on the roster. If there is an injury to Polanco, are those of you calling for his dismissal truly ready to ride Arraez or Gonzalez at SS - without late inning replacement - if he is out for an extended period?

Sure, if someone offers a really good reliever for him, you make that move. How likely is that? But simply letting him go for nothing or a lottery ticket is not the kind of move I want my team to make when they are contending. You don’t torpedo your depth when you don’t have to. The Twins don’t have to.
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#18 SwainZag



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Posted 22 May 2019 - 12:03 PM

Don't get rid of your depth during the season if you don't have to.When Cruz is healthy, how many times a week would Arraez be in the starting lineup?Once, maybe twice a week?He won't be regularly starting over Cruz, Polanco, Schoop or Sano.It just makes sense to keep Adrianza to send him back to AAA.

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#19 Brock Beauchamp

Brock Beauchamp

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Posted 22 May 2019 - 12:09 PM

Baseball decisions should never be made based on 12 plate appearances.

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#20 MileHighTwinsFan


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Posted 22 May 2019 - 12:11 PM

If it ain’t broke . . . I see no reason to DFA anyone on the 25 man, including Adrianza. Adrianza is a sure handed backup who knows his role on a team with a 6.5 game lead.

What an amazing situation to be in, having a kid like Arraez stashed in Rochester knowing he can come up in a moments notice if one of the infielders goes on the IL. Don’t even get me started about how he can help when rosters expand in September and the Twins are making a push for home field in the playoffs. He goes down willingly with the added confidence that he can play at this level.
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