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So....Time to make a call to Kimbrel?

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Posted Today, 02:29 PM

The Twins could've gotten Hector Rondon last year for half of what they are paying Addison Reed.Not that I thought Reed was a bad signing at the time, but letting Rondon get away was severe GM malpractice.

#302 TheLeviathan


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Posted Today, 03:03 PM


I don't know why you think I am ignoring it -- I've said as much several times. And it follows that guaranteeing a fickle reliever $10-20 mil is riskier than $2.9 mil, giving you less margin for error, less flexibility, etc. These are real costs to the Pressly deal, even if you wanted to turn around and sign a FA replacement. And it's not clear yet to me that Alcala was worth those costs.


It's not clear to me either!I'm the one advocating that exact thing!!!!


Every transaction, even the ones you don't do, have costs.At no point did I argue that dealing Pressly made 2019 anything other than more difficult.But that doesn't change the fact that selling fickle assets, with limited team control, in seasons where you aren't doing jack squat is sound planning.I will advocate it 100 out of 100 times.


Whether that particular transaction turns out to be a net win, is one I can't declare yet.If, in five years, it's abundantly clear we got squat out of that deal - hell yeah it's a loser.But the mentality behind what you're dealing, when you're dealing it, and who you're dealing it for matters much more to me.On the whole, those factors will go much farther in determining the outcomes for this franchise.

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Posted Today, 09:57 PM

Keep Pressly AND add a couple arms.
Strong, deep bullpens are enormously valuable in today's baseball. They are tasked with 3 or more innings almost every night, and the better bullpen performance is often the deciding factor.

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