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REPORT: Twins Sign RHP Mike Morin

mike morin
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Posted 22 December 2018 - 11:32 PM

Max Muncy was a minor league signing... Never know what you get


The jury is still out on Austudillo. How could it not be? I state again his biggest issue has always been he doesn't fit in to "conventional thinking" in regard to what he should be, or what some would like him to be. (Something a lot of us have been talking a lot about). He is a squat catcher who, previously, never demonstrated a great deal of power. He never SO much, but didn't BB much. All he did was make contact and spray the ball all over the place. I have never read a bad word about his catching ability or game calling ability. I've also never read any of those reports we love to read that state things like, "Potential Gold Glove ability right now defensively". So he hits, makes contact, can fill in decently at multiple positions, but doesn't fit some archetype as to what he should be.

Even though the Twins were smart/got lucky to sign him, they almost blew it as well. Searching for catching options after Castro got hurt, they signed some re-treads after Wilson was promoted and shifted Austudillo do other spots at Rochester. When he was first promoted, he was brought up as a utility player who sat on the bench. Without even realizing it at the time, even though he wasn't used and miscast, they were already breaking the mold. When brought up again, this time as a catcher, what did he do? He was solid behind the plate, hit like he's always done, and even fill in here and there at other spots to further show his versatility and value.

When Magill was signed, someone, think it may have been me, lol, asked who and what a Magill is? Mr Unknown proceeded to perform so well in his limited role as a long and middle man that most of us were clamoring for an expanded role in a stressed, limited and beleaguered bullpen. Ugh! Be prepared for what you wish for. But still, despite BB and HR totals that were too high, he did his job pretty well for the 7th-8th man in the pen. There is value in that for any team. Despite statistics or data, I still believe in the eye test. And I saw some bad performances from Magill. But I also saw a guy who could consistently throw 93-96 with a slider that could bite brutally at times. I'm hoping, soon, we won't be fostering a guy like Magill with hope. But what if new pitching coach Johnson could find Magill more consistency with that FB and slider? Suddenly your "dumpster dive" found a nice nugget.

No matter the various short comings that could be debated about the Ryan ERA, he was a scout at heart. And over the years, he found some nice pieces for AAA and invites that turned out to be useful pieces for the ML roster.

I lamented the loss of Niko Goodrum last off season. And at the end of the day, he's not some potential Muncy. But how much value would he have brought in 2018 if kept on board?

Austudillo was a real find. Magill was solid, and actually has potential. There is nothing wrong with the Morin signing and invite. As long as the FO doesn't just stop there. But your AAA club should be a mix of prospects and AAA/AAAA guys and fliers. Despite Austudillo and Magill, I still feel they fell way short at Rochester last season. I am, of course, waiting for the next couple of ML moves. But I'm also anxious to see a few more smart/intriguing moves for additional depth as well.
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Posted 23 December 2018 - 08:54 AM


That's primarily just modern reliever usage.


Morin did miss about a month in early 2017 with "neck tightness". (Has never been on the DL with an arm issue as a pro.)


He also "missed" September 2018 because the Mariners declined to add him back to their 40-man roster for a September call-up.

I take it that neck tightness wasn't bilateral then.

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