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Florida St Lg vs New Brit (numbers)

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#1 greengoblinrulz


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Posted 16 September 2012 - 10:27 PM

Its long been said that the FSL is a notorious pitchers league (not evident by 2012 pitchers but...) and even the Twins have said that certain hitter numbers need to be looked upon differently when in Ft Myers.
Several Twins have greatly improved their numbers/not dropped off when they get out of Florida, despite playing vs higher quality of players/older competition .........(Eastern Lg also not known for bein a hitters Lg either).
Think most of these numbers are pretty intersting myself

Recent players promoted
Arcia 114 A+gms 420ABs .286/.338/.488.......69 AA gms 262ABs .328/.398/.557
Hicks 122 gms 443Bs .242/.354/.368...........129gms 472ABs .286/.384/.460
Pinto 157gms 570ABs .282/.340/.440.............12gms 47ABs .298/.365/.553
Hanson 162gms 611ABs .259/.325/.385.......161gms 553ABs .262/.303/.371
Dozier 142gms 530ABs .291/.377/.394...........78gms 311ABs .318/.384/.502
Hermann 131gms 443ABs .237/.329/.325.....224gms 827ABs .268/.362/.392
Romero 229gms 814ABs .238/.329/.340.......259gms 883ABs .262/.343/.427
Bigley 192gms 702ABs .271/.314/.375..........248gms 947ABs .268/.316/.421
Solarte 91gms 335ABs .287/.336/.400...........121gms 459ABs .329/.367/.466(New Brit numbers only)
Benson 109gms 381ABs .289/.404/.451.........250gms 915ABs .256/.349/.479
Parmelee 145gms 502ABs .271/.370/.444......253gms 941ABs .282/.355/.416

Didnt nitpick.....all players over last 3 yrs who've moved up & played significantly
Does this make you feel any better about some of the current Miracle players who have struggled and may move up......
Ft Myers numbers
Angel Morales 218gms 745ABs .246/.325/.345
Danny Rams 160gms 551ABs .236/.327/.377

Add in Levi Michael who struggled somewhat, Daniel Santana who had a great yr (will he improve as much as most of the mentioned players???), as well as Daniel Ortiz bein guys who may move up next season......any hope for em???

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#2 Shane Wahl

Shane Wahl

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Posted 16 September 2012 - 10:31 PM

Very interesting and nice work. It would make for a good article, and serve to quiet some of the worries about Levi Michael and Angel Morales.

#3 greengoblinrulz


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Posted 16 September 2012 - 11:03 PM

Also reiterates how MN keeps its top players in AA too long.....220+ games by the following despite good AA #s
Hermann blocked by Rene Rivera/JR Towles
Romero blocked by Sean Burroughs (not really as this was his best yr but is a fomer 40 man roster guy)
Bigley promoted this year but had Clete Thomas ahead of him (not huge prospect I know)
Parmelle blocked last yr @ 1B by Aaron Bates
Benson blocked last yr in OF by Dustin Martin/Brandon Roberts & this yr by Clete Thomas
Wouldnt bother me so much if they were blocked by anything important to the future of the organization