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Article: Offseason Primer: Who Needs a First Baseman Anyways?

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Posted 30 October 2018 - 01:52 PM

I'm not trying to trip you up. I just read you taking a stance I can agree with (more flexibility) and taking it a step too far where it starts to butt heads with another item I value (defensive excellence). The idea of sticking outfielders at 3B or 2B very much makes me worry about quality of defensive play.

I believe this is where we are unnecessarily talking past one another.

I also agree 100% with your last sentence of this paragraph. The idea of sticking outfielders at 3B or 2B also makes me worry. I also believe decent defense is critical to preventing the crooked number and the crooked number creates losses.

When I suggest Rosario for infield play... It's a "For Example to illustrate the benefit of the concept" but I have no idea if Rosario can play infield adequately enough and that is important. The benefit comes when he can actually do it. He doesn't have to be Nolan Arenado but he can't Bill Buckner on a loop either. I have said multiple times that I don't know if he can do it or not but it's not important to the discussion because he is just being used as a door way to the outer world of what I think is an important conversation.

However... weather Rosario can or can't doesn't kill the dream or the possibility, you just consider the next possibility. It is still something to strive for and not something to be forced. In my opinion the Twins have never striven for it and the only examples that I can think of... were forced.

Take Sano for example. Sano to RF was forced because we signed Park and loved Plouffe. I fully admit I was for the Sano in RF experiement because of my strong belief in the value of flexibility. However, It didn't take long for me to change my mind after watching him play RF and I wanted that particular genie stuffed back in the bottle... but that had more to do with how wrong the choice of Sano to RF was and not the idea of it.

To bring all of this full circle... After watching Sano become our shining example of moving a player on the fly... I begin to seriously question just how bad we are at making these assessments... and once I'm at the point of seriously questioning just how bad we are at making these assessments... It's easier for me to believe that they may be wrong about Rosario... and just maybe he can play some infield. I'm gonna need to see it for myself now... and that’s when I start talking about whatever the hell they were doing with Astundillo because I could see for myself that he can play the catcher position.

All in All... We agree... It's something to strive for and not something to be forced but I am obviously at the point where I feel... It has to be striven for and it has to start right now with the construction of the 2019 roster because I can't tolerate another year of suffering the incredibly bad play from our every day starters without an alternative to turn to.
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Posted 30 October 2018 - 02:45 PM

I'm very skeptical about how many players could do this well. I appreciate trying this in the minors or ST, but once the player is in the majors I am far more skeptical of experimenting.
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