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#141 beckmt


    Senior Member

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Posted 22 December 2018 - 06:28 AM

1.) Where are you from? Around the Twins Cities area, started in SLP and spent a good number of years in Eden Prairie.Now between northern suburbs of the Twins Cities and Clearwater, FL (wife can no longer spend winters in Minnesota).
2.) Age Range? 71
3.) What brought you to Twins Daily? blind luck I guess
4.) Highest level of baseball/softball played? small high school so I tried, was not very good, playedsome softball for a fewyears in my 20's (Was much better at other things).
5.) Favorite Twins Player, and favorite underappreciated Twins player, and if you want, favorite current Twins player? Rosario, loved Killebrew,unappreciated Bill Campbell for a few years.
6.) Favorite non-Twins Daily site/authors? science fiction fan various authors. David Drake, David Weber, Brandon Sanderson mainly at this time.
7.) Favorite Twitter follows? Have account, do not use.
8.) Other interests outside of baseball. tournament bridge (I am pretty good), also do some gaming, played alot of stratomatic baseball for about 35 seasons (yes there are a couple of leagues in the twin cities).Also like music (folk rock to 80's mainly).
9.) Favorite part of Twins Daily... lot of the comments on the Twins, also appreciate the minor league section.
10.) Tell us what we can do better. What features or other topics would you like to see in-season or out of season? More on prospects out of season. 
11.) Have you been to any of the Twins Daily "events?" No just never at the right time.

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#142 ashbury


    Haighters gonna Haight

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Posted 22 December 2018 - 11:14 AM

Now between northern suburbs of the Twins Cities and Clearwater, FL

Not Ft Myers? :)

Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

#143 cardsfan


    Cedar Rapids Kernels

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Posted 27 February 2019 - 12:39 PM

Where are you from? St. Louis suburbs
2.) Age Range? 50's
3.) What brought you to Twins Daily? Internet search
4.) Sandlot baseball
5.) Favorite Twins Player? Rod Carew
6.) Favorite non-Twins Daily site/authors? Stltoday
7.) Favorite Twitter follows? Have account, do not use.
8.) Other interests outside of baseball: traveling
9.) Favorite part of Twins Daily... forums section.
10.) Tell us what we can do better: more posters
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#144 RGR71


    Elizabethton Twins

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Posted 30 March 2019 - 08:03 AM

1) Grew up in St Louis Park and now live in the Big Lake area.

2) I am in my late 40"s

3) What brought me to TD- The need for better Twins news and updates! I found it here! I have been a Twins fan since my Grandpa took to my 1st game at the old Met.

4) I made it through 1 year of tee ball.

5) My favorite Twin of all times is Kent Hrbek, and Eddy Rosario is my favorite current Twin.

6) My favorite non TD site, I am not sure, the rest come and go.

7) No Twitter for me.

8) My other interests. I have a fishing problem, a big one.

9) My favorite part about TD, I like reading the articles and seeing all the different opinions on them. I am going to start commenting and thought this would be the place to start.

10) Keep up the good work.

11) I have not been to a TD event.

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#145 ashbury


    Haighters gonna Haight

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Posted 30 March 2019 - 08:14 AM

 I am going to start commenting and thought this would be the place to start.

Indeed, I was planning to say, "good first post, don't let it be your last," but you were way ahead of me. :)

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Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

#146 LA VIkes Fan

LA VIkes Fan

    Junior Member

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Posted 30 March 2019 - 09:35 AM

Interesting idea. I’m game.

1. Where are you from? Born in International Falls, grew up thru age 12 in Faribault, Jr. High in Minnetonka, HS in Edina , college is San Antonio, Law School in Austin, Tx. Moved to LA after Law Schhol, been here ever since. Live in Palos Verdes, Ca, work in Beverly Hills.

2. Age? 61.

3. Found Twins Daily on an internet search for “Twins blogs”. Turned up blogs on raising twins, Twins Daily, Twinkie Town, and some interesting sites with twin women.... At my age, the baseball sites seemed most relevant.

4. Played in slow pitch softball leagues into my mid 30s. Infielder. 2B on a good team, 3B on decent teams, and if I was the SS, knew we were in for a very long season.

5. Favorite all time Twin: Puckett or Hrbek (man stole the WS by pushing a guy off first and tagging him out - love that). Underrated Twin - Greg Gagne and Zoila Versailles- best two SS we’ve had. Current Twin - Eddie Rosario, best player we got, and Taylor Rogers, cold blooded assasin. He’s the closer.

6. My favorite blog site other than Twins Daily is the Daily Norseman.

7. No Twitter. Tried it once, looked up and realize that I just spent three hours of my life I wasn’t going to get back. I’m way too obsessive to even start with something like that.

8. I have varied interests. I like football, baseball, basketball (Lakers and Clippers), hockey, and good food and wine. Also an occasional scotch.

9. My favorite part about Twins Daily is to chat with people who are just as obsessed as I am, thanking about the rotation 15 games out and how the batting order could be tweaked to get an extra run or two a game. I have to say having been on the site for only a little more than a year, I am incredibly impressed with the level of knowledge and sophistication of the people who post here. I actually learned a lot about the team and baseball in general just from reading what people say. Very impressive and very fun.

10. Never been to a Twins Daily event although glunn did invite me to go with the group to a Twins /Angels game last season. I wasn’t able to go but I appreciate it. I don’t go back to Minnesota much anymore. I have a couple of friends still there from high school but last time I went up there I got off the plane and it was 40 below zero wind chill. That was the moment I said to myself that staying in Southern California was probably the better call.

11. The only thing I can think of that would make the site better would be more posts and articles. Easy for me to say since I’m not doing any of the work.
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#147 rdehring


    Pensacola Blue Wahoos

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Posted 30 March 2019 - 10:01 AM

1. I grew up on a farm near Waupun, WI where I went to high school.Went to Madison to attend UW and lived there until I was 41.Moved to the Twin Cities (western suburbs) at that time and have been there since.


2. I am 74.


3. Found TD because of a relationship I developed with Seth back when we were among the very few blogging about the Twins minor leagues (he at his site and me at John Bonnes' Twins Territory which became Twinkie Town).


4. Living on a farm, there wasn't any baseball available when I was a kid.Did play two years of high school ball at Waupun, however, a better description would be watched others play while sitting on the bench.


5. Favorite Twin has to be Brad Radke.Underrated would be Denard Span and current Twin has to be Eddie, Eddie, Eddie.


6. The only other baseball blog I look at is Twinkie Town.As for other blogs, I follow Acme Packing Co for the Packers and Bucky's 5th Quarter for my Badgers.


7.I'm an old guy, so no Twitter, no Facebook or any of the other current social media.


8.My interests settle around sports to a large extent (Twins, Badgers, Packers and Wild).Also enjoy travel, too much food and spending time with the kids and grand kids in Columbus, Ohio and Denver.Used to love wine, however, have developed an allergy to it...so not more.


9.My favorite part of TD is keeping up on what is happening down on the farm.Try to read daily reports in several of the local newspapers (Rochester, Cedar Rapids, ETon, etc).But often don't have the time, or in some cases ability, to go there so TD is my main source of keeping up with who's doing what.


10.Think I went to one event back whenever, but none since.


11.Can't think of anything off hand that would improve TD.Don't particularly care for comments that continually bash the front office and owners as I suspect they are doing the best job they can.But each has their own opinion and I know, I don't have to read them.