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Article: What Can Be Done to Awaken Slumbering Twins Offense?

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#61 Brock Beauchamp

Brock Beauchamp


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Posted 17 May 2018 - 10:28 AM

That's my point.... The Twins seem young, until you start looking at other teams. They are just like most other teams. Unless people are arguing most teams are young, but then I don't know what young means, as I consider it a comparative term

I think we’re just disagreeing that a couple of other good young teams existing makes none of them young. In my mind, I consider the Twins, Yankees, and Red Sox young teams.

And it’s likely the Twins continue to be young for awhile because they are going to add more prospects this season.

#62 bighat


    Sombrero Grande

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Posted 17 May 2018 - 10:48 AM


The Yankees and Red Sox players that age don't seem to need time to warm up. Why should the Twins get this excuse? They aren't a young team.


I think the same thing. And it's not just Yanks and Red Sox. Young players (rookies, even!) all over the league come up and can hit right away. And hit well. Here's a list of players that are Buxton's age:


Mookie Betts

Carlos Correia

Francisco Lindor

Trea Turner

Alex Bregman

Cody Bellinger

Corey Seager


The list goes on and I could go further. But you get the point. We all love Buxton's defense, but having him sitting down in the #9 hole all year, striking out half the time and being removed for PH's after the 7th inning...that's not what we signed up for. The time for patience is long gone. Buxton had a great stretch last year - that is who the Twins need him to be, full time. No more "give him a coupla weeks". The Twins don't have a coupla weeks, because the Indians sure as heck won't be waiting.


Buxton has shown flashes of brilliance, but at this point his career has been marred by injuries and excuses. I for one am done giving the guy a pass.

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#63 Number3


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Posted 17 May 2018 - 01:56 PM

Simple answer to thread question. Either worse pitching by the opposition or different players. Why anyone would throw Mauer an off speed pitch is beyond me but they do so he still looks decent on paper.

Right now Rosario is the only dangerous situation; repeat; situation hitter in the whole lineup. I think Kepler hopefully is in a normal slump and will still finish ok but is not a top of the order hitter. Neither is anyone they have in the top 5 of the order except Rosario. What we have is a bunch of 6-9 hitters.

Ironically pitching and not great offense by the opposition either is going to have to carry the Twins. That plus the AL Central. Just score enough to play n.500 ball.

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