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Article: MIN 3, SDP 1: Rosario Hits Walk-Off HR in 10th Inning

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#41 ThejacKmp


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Posted 14 September 2017 - 02:38 PM


#1.  It was a 2-0 pitch.  In a late situation where a HR wins the game.  This has nothing to do with a "bad at bat."  What's the worst that could happen?  He doesn't hit a HR?


It's bad baseball NOT to sit on a pitch and try to pull it over the fence. 


#2.  If Rosario walks in that situation, it's up to an obviously hurting Buxton, against a RH pitcher.  If Rosario ends up walking, after never getting a pitch to hit or fouling off the ones he gets, I have no problem with that.  But the Twins are NOT in a better position if Rosario walks.  And that exact situation applies to Mauer ABs as well.  Take a walk when it's the right thing to do?  No problem.  Take a walk when the next hitter(s) have a lesser chance of driving in a run?  I don't think that's smart baseball.


#3.  Nobody is saying there's no abstract value in getting on base.  I'm saying there are situations where it makes more sense to look for a pitch to hit.  Don't get it?  Fine.  But if you do?  You should be hacking, and hacking hard.


#4 Mauer never takes a bad AB?  C'mon.  BTW, "never changing" doesn't make him a "consummate professional."  It makes him someone who can't or won't adjust to the situation.  Running the ball, down 10 with 2 minutes left in a football game, just because you're good at it doesn't make you a professional, either.  It just means you don't understand the situation.


#1: We're not talking about one at bat last night, we're talking about late-inning at bats in general. We can all remember Eddie taking some terrible at bats in that exact situation. Like last week. His approach last night was great - that's the player he is and he's never going to be Mauer. But Mauer isn't going to be Eddie and that isn't a problem either.


#2: No way that Buxton hits in that situation. They'd bring in Vargas/Granite etc. to hit lefty. And I think you've lost your mind when you say he shouldn't walk. It would be a way better situation - you'd move the runner into scoring position on a single. Let's look at it this way - if San Diego let Molly choose whether or not Rosario gets intentionally walked in that situation, he'd say yes every time. That should tell you about "smart baseball".


#4: I can't remember an at-bat where I was like, "Man, Mauer had a terrible approach and looked lost." He's been through slumps, he hits too many ground balls etc. - but he never looks lost up there. You never get that Torii/Buxton/Rosario feeling on an 0-2 where everyone knows the pitcher is going to throw a slider down and away and ______ is going to swing as hard as they can and miss it by six inches.


That's what I mean by Joe Mauer, Professional Hitter. He takes professional at bats. Always. And that is frustrating when you want him to swing for the fences late in a game but you have to step back and realize that's just not who he is and that what he is has incredible value.

#42 ThejacKmp


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Posted 14 September 2017 - 02:39 PM


While most everyone is fired up about Rosario, he made a really bad base running play in the bottom of the 2nd.  After leading off with a double, Buxton followed with a liner that sent the CF back and a bit to his left.  CF reached up and caught the ball, but Rosario was forced to go back to second base as he went half-way on the play.  Terrible base running.  Should have stayed on the base, or retreated back as soon as the CF appeared to possibly have a play on the ball.  If the ball is caught, you tag up and gain third base with one out.  If the ball gets over the CF, he still scores rather easily from second base.  Not good base running at all.


This is the type of stuff that makes Rosario frustrating at times.  Great talent, great tools, but never more than a second away from doing something, errrrr, less than intelligently.


Yeah, I went nuts in the upper deck about it. That stuff matters but that's Eddie - he plays super hard and sometimes that leads to mistakes. It also leads to the run in the second where he's hard nosed into third and forces a key error.

#43 Brock Beauchamp

Brock Beauchamp


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Posted 14 September 2017 - 02:42 PM


Agree to a point. I think you need to understand who you are as a player.


Joe Mauer, Professional Hitter, is the guy he is because he treats every single at bat the same. He's not chasing or sitting on a pitch because it's the 9th - he's giving you the same at-bat every time. He's castigated for walking in big moments but that's who he is and that's what makes him good.


Eddie Rosario is a guy who swings and falls down, who steals 3B with two outs in the eighth. He's an energy, high-risk guy. He's a guy who needs to feel that adrenaline and use it in a constructive manner. Love that he's swinging for the fences there but wouldn't want Mauer to. Wouldn't work for Mauer.

Was just going to say something similar. Guys who can grip a pitch and send it into the stands with regularity should do what Rosario did last night. Guys like Grossman and Mauer should stick to the approach that makes them successful.

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#44 yarnivek1972


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Posted 14 September 2017 - 03:26 PM

Update: 10 times #3 hitters have sac bunted this year in MLB. 5 of those 10 times it was the Twins. 4 of those 10 times it was Polonco. Baffling.

Just a hunch that in some of the others it was after a double switch or even an injury replacement.
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#45 h2oface


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Posted 14 September 2017 - 05:49 PM


Actually I would assume a .500 record will get them in based on the teams chasing.  9-8 will be 85 wins.  outside of the Angels who have a horribly tough schedule coming up, the rest of the team will need to be about 12-5 to get to 84 wins.


Well, it may. Here's to hoping for continued win one lose one...... win one. 

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