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Olney: Twins are buyers, but second-tier buyers

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#61 Twodogs


    Ft Myers

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Posted 18 July 2017 - 10:09 AM

If Dick criticizes management, he'll find out in that NY minute whose name is actually signed on his paycheck--and it isn't John Q. Public!

Well when John Q Public quit going to the games back in the late 90's; MLB just about cancelled all Twins checks, permanently. I'm just saying that the voice of the Twins shouldn't be denigrating the people who follow the club. It would be like the manager of a McDonalds telling all of his customers that they are fat. He might be right, and McDonalds (MLB) isn't going to suffer too bad, but that one location might not get any customers anymore.

Plus it also puts a bad spin on the ownership and the GMs in a different light. It's like those fans that said D.A.R.Y.L when Strawberry would come to bat, and if he turned around and flipped them off, guess what, at that point all of the fans know that he is now listening and they are now going to really go after him. A professional blocks that crap out and doesn't let the fans get to him. It actually tells me that all of those people are reading these stupid trade ideas that all off the fans are proposing, I'd think as professionals that they wouldn't even pay attention to this crap; that they'd be talking to their scouts and calling up other GMs, owners, etc.... Why are they even looking at this? This is for fans to banter, and wish for stuff, and have a place to criticize those that play baseball a million times better than we do, but nonetheless we criticize anyway so as to vent about our favorite team. But if we can't do that here, then maybe, especially a lot of younger people, who as a generation, might not pledge their allegiance so easily anymore will gravitate towards a better organization where they are allowed to do this type of stuff. I mean the fans of the Yankees and Red Sox have been this way for, well, since the beginning of time as far as I can remember. So my point is, I know the Polads write the checks, but it lacked professionalism to talk about stuff that they really shouldn't even be paying attention to. They should be just blocking this stuff out and let the fans be fans.

Hey maybe we all should propose really crazy trades now, just to piss them off.

I think maybe the Twins could pry Kershaw away from the Dodgers with a package of Polanco, Gibson and maybe one of their AA starters, like Jorge, because Gonsalves should definitely be off the table. :)

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You cannot succeed without hate for your enemy

#62 old nurse

old nurse


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Posted 18 July 2017 - 10:30 AM

Can the team give up a prospect and trade for the pitching coach of San Diego.Have any of his players done better after moving on?

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#63 Ben Noble

Ben Noble

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Posted 18 July 2017 - 10:48 AM




They passed/or lost the bidding on Quintana. I doubt Archer is actually available. 


Gerrit Cole.

#64 lukeduke1980


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Posted 18 July 2017 - 10:55 AM

I've thought Gibson straight up for a Feldman or Volquez would be worth it.  We wouldn't give up any prospects, Gibson is young(ish) and still controllable, and could be seen as a project that the right pitching coach would be up for.  

#65 nicksaviking


    Billy G.O.A.T

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Posted 18 July 2017 - 11:41 AM

Can the team give up a prospect and trade for the pitching coach of San Diego.Have any of his players done better after moving on?

No, but I always guessed it had more to do with the cavernous ballpark. The Padres have been helpless on offense since moving to the new park as well.

#66 laloesch



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Posted 18 July 2017 - 12:07 PM

Knowing this team, just roll with what you have.  Call up Gonsalves and or Romero and JUST GET GOING with this rebuild already.  Go with the young prospects and fully commit.  


One of my biggest gripes with the previous GM and FO was the lack of full committal to a rebuild and the wasting of time.  I'm tired of dancing around the subject, just do it already.  


DFA or trade Santiago for whatever you can get, offer up Gibson if anyone wants him and DFA Hughes if he can't handle the relief role and eat the money.  The point is to start clearing the roster of mediocre players and create room for Gonsalves, Romero and someone else (i'd like to see Nick Gordon get a fall audition).  


They aren't going to trade for a Gray, Archer, Cole, etc.  It's just not the Twins way (rolls eyes).  And Big Sexy is not going propel this team into playoffs at 44.