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Article: Deadline Primer: The State Of The Central

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#21 frightwig



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Posted 17 July 2017 - 03:46 PM


State of the American League:

Heading into today, there are 7 teams with a record of .500 or better. The Twins are one of them. Cleveland isn't some powerhouse team, as Nick noted in the article. Their pitching is just as suspect as the Twins. 



Cleveland pitching has a 3.86 ERA (2nd-AL), 3.62 FIP (1st-AL), 3.55 xFIP (1st-AL).


It's true that Bauer & Tomlin have been scuffling--although their peripherals aren't so bad, and Bauer's FIP/xFIP actually compares favorably to the Twins' best starter, Berrios. And Salazar has been out, but Rotowire noted yesterday, "Salazar (shoulder) threw six shutout innings Sunday in a rehab assignment with Triple-A Columbus, allowing just three hits and three walks while striking out nine." So he looks ready to return, soon. Meanwhile, Kluber and Carrasco have been flying high, and Clevinger has been an effective fill-in, maybe even better than Berrios or All-Star Erv.


We wish the Twins staff were so troubled.


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#22 IndianaTwin


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Posted 17 July 2017 - 04:31 PM


...I'd love to see meaningful baseball for as long as it lasts, without mortgaging anything of value.  The Astros, after this series, should soon be making a move for Gray, and who knows what else.  More power to them.  I don't want or expect the Twins to do something like that.  But I don't want the Twins to throw in the towel yet, either.  Sometimes, to extend your life expectancy, it is wise to get a colonoscopy.


This description of using a couple starts to look at Bartolo may be the POTD. And by D, I mean "decade."


And speaking of Bartolo -- if he loses 133 pounds, is he a Semicolon? 


Finally, when I got home from work the other day, my wife said, "I"ve got good news. Your colonoscopy results are in. They found your head."


Sorry, Chief, if I stole that from your repertoire.

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#23 yarnivek1972


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Posted 17 July 2017 - 04:48 PM

State of the American League:

Heading into today, there are 7 teams with a record of .500 or better. The Twins are one of them. Cleveland isn't some powerhouse team, as Nick noted in the article. Their pitching is just as suspect as the Twins.

The Twins could really get a boost from even a competent SP to replace Gibson's -1 bWAR. Or the revolving #5 starter that I'm sure combines for -3 bWAR. You can plan for the future all you want, but nothing's guaranteed. This team is one major injury to Sano, Kepler, etc. away from being a bottom feeder again whether it's 2017, 2018, or 2021. I'd certainly like to strike while the league as a whole is mediocre, and the starting 9 is healthy.

Suspect? 4th best team ERA in MLB. Twins are 27th, a full run higher.

Cleveland's offense has been what has held them back. That said, they are in far better position than the Twins because Cleveland isn't overly dependant on one guy. The Twins are a Sano hamstring pull away from their offense being shot.
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#24 Rosterman


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Posted 17 July 2017 - 05:02 PM

The Twins are running into 40-man roster issues. Who to get rid of and who to add. 


If you add a prospect, you always have injury potential. Especially as many of the prospects will start to reach innings potentials (whihc is WHY it does help to bring up the Felix Jorge and, hopefully, Fernando for that spot start before September). 


You almsot think that any of the young arms may be tired and not necessary to add during the season September call-up (similar to alst year) because of innings pitched. Which means at this point you are running with the retreads who you can happily jettison during the off-season, or continue to extend the ones you have on the current roster.


Yes, Melotakis COULD do more innings. But he is not on the 40-man. Alex WImmers and Michael Tonkin and Drew Rucinski are all potential callups if you decide to part ways with, say, Belisle and Breslow.


But right now you do have too many names for spots (who goes when Breslow and Haley come back? How do you work Dillon Gee into the mix. Can Glen Perkins come back, still).


On the other side, you are paying Park a lot of money to play AAA ball, especially when you seem in need of a true DH. 


And what to do about shortstop. Add Gordon early to the 40-man? Escobar will start to be expensive if he is a true backup (remember the day when the Twins didn't want to pay Hocking his third year arbitration to be a backup...especially when he was almost a fulltimer). Is there value in moving Grossman or Giminez?


What is Dozier worth? Would someone give you more for Santana than less? Can you trade your closer and one of the best in the league BECAUSE you won't be re-signing him next year? What to do about...Joe?


Such a tight division, and the last wild card still in play. But how far can the current team go in the playoffs? Can they upgrade better than Cleveland, or even Kansas City, and stay in the hunt? Would they really mortgage the future as prospects don't always pan out?

Joel Thingvall
rosterman at www.twinscards.com