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Does Posting Policy Apply Equally to All Users?

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#41 Brock Beauchamp

Brock Beauchamp


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Posted 04 January 2017 - 01:22 PM


There is no uniformity in that handling.

No, there isn't. And it happens on this board. Every. Single. Day.


You've received your explanation. Some moderators edit posts, others hide posts (they're not deleted FTR, they're hidden from view). It is entirely at that moderator's discretion whether to hide or edit a post.


Personally, I edit posts most of the time if the entire post isn't a dumpster fire (unless I'm on my phone, which is an entirely different situation with different editing/hide tools). Other moderators only hide posts. Some do a mix.


This is a human decision with judgment calls. And it's going to stay that way because that's the only way to run a forum.

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#42 KirbyDome89


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Posted 04 January 2017 - 02:04 PM


No, there isn't. 

A direct answer was all I asked for.


I may disagree with the human actions taken, and the answer may not be the most satisfying, but its a response that can be appreciated nonetheless. 

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#43 biggentleben


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Posted 06 January 2017 - 12:21 AM

Goodness. It was my post suggesting to just put a lock and key on the thread that the moderator was responding to. It was something where multiple times I read a response and wondered if it just hadn't been stated in a way that rang true because numerous posters were posting similar comments, but it wasn't ringing true, and after trying a few different methods myself and finding that exasperating, I responded with the suggestion to simply close down the thread for the safety and sanity of those involved (I don't completely remember the post, but I probably had some attempt at humor regarding keeping everyone's sanity in the midst of an insane holiday season/winter/etc. or something as well). That post was removed, and it appeared that the post called most in question in this thread was in nearly direct response to my post based on the wording of that post. I certainly had no issue with my post being removed (and I didn't get a PM about that removal, but still not an issue) because I knew I wrote it from a point of frustration.


I frequently run afoul of thought patterns here due to a very different view on the humor of Twins situations than many people who are more intensive fans do. Much like I find it entirely distasteful that nearly every time my team of choice is brought up (especially with those who weren't part of the crew who I posted with dating all the way back to the ESPN boards) that Hrbek/Gant becomes a "joke", while I find the situation not very funny at all for multiple reasons. We come to this forum with different views on things. I've received warning points in my times here, and I've had good discussions with moderators multiple times about posts being deleted, and I've also been quite upset about the brevity and reactivity to other comments, but having also been a moderator in forum settings before, I understand the thankless position they are all in, and while I won't "wear warning points with pride", I'll understand why they're there and attempt to have a logical discussion about a differing viewpoint on this site.


For all the stuff that's come across this forum over the last year-plus, if this is the issue that really caused a fracas, then, well, wow. Somehow a thread about the election went all year long with plenty of reminders and nudging, but still survived the year, but discussing Chris Sale being traded leads to unrest. That seems an odd hill to take a stand upon.

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