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POTUS Donald Trump

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Posted 18 July 2018 - 12:44 PM


So it's fault of the liberal wing of the party that Clinton, the moderate, couldn't come up with a compelling campaign message? ok sure


No, that's Clinton's fault.She had bad messaging and wasn't authentic.


What liberals have done in the aftermath is completely miss the lessons to be learned.Now every lefty wants to pull the party to the left to solve her failure.Here's a few examples (and you've heard versions of this in this thread.Often attacking anyone who isn't as far left as they are):


"Clinton lost because Bernie supporters didn't vote for her!"Um....no.Even if tens of thousands of Bernie voters stayed home, they likely did that in Oregon, California, and New York and their votes are meaningless anyway.Look at the data in the relevant states.This was not one of the factors that caused the loss.  


"Clinton's policies weren't boldly left enough!"Policies are irrelevant.They shouldn't be, but they are.The goblin in office didnt' have a single coherent policy.Neither did Obama either, for that matter.


"I'll be damned if we capitulate to white hicks!"Well, ok, but that's largely why you lost.She lost three key midwestern states and got her ass handed to her by the rural and black vote.Not leftists sitting out.That's just a fact, sorry it's inconvenient for anyone's personal politics...but do you want to win or do you want people to agree with you?


If you're a doctor treating this problem, you look at the actual facts.Not what you want them to be.You don't take the medicine you want, you take the one you need.Hillary lost because of arrogance and indifference to poor and rural whites and less appeal to black voters.She lostbecause she was inauthentic and couldn't message to people outside the 40% of people who vote Democrat.Not because socialists weren't appeased.

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