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Posted 13 December 2017 - 08:40 AM

I left it alone for people to chime in, but swing plane is one of the things that I really enjoy discussing, especially with the guys at Driveline. They have tremendous research into the makeup of the ideal swing and it's absolutely fascinating to listen to them break down a swing step by step.

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Posted 11 February 2018 - 03:45 PM

At first glance this might appear to be a big old nothingburger of a tweet but this is actually an indication of change within the surface of the organization.



For most familiar with the game, j-bands and other resistance bands are commonplace. Visit any number of youth complexes and you will often see all players warming up with these rubber tubes along the fence line. Go to an area baseball facility and you'll likely see pitchers using these in a conditioning program for arm care. 


Prior to this, the Twins did have some generic tubes and some instructions/programs, but Alan Jaeger's combination of j-band workouts and long toss regimens has been controversial in many organizations. Some orgs only want pitchers throwing up to 120 feet in distance while Jaeger's program often has pitchers throwing from over 300 feet. The Twins, I'm told, were on the conservative side of the long toss programs.


The Twins organization also had pitching coaches and instructors that were resistant to newer training methods like weighted ball programs. After one pitcher was hurt last year in spring training, some coaches blamed the injury on the weighted ball program that pitcher embraced during the offseason. Other coaches have banned the weighted balls in the bullpen as well, never mind this was a staple of Mariano Rivera's warm-up routine. 


In discussing pitching development with Derek Falvey last year, it was clear he was open to all and any programs that pitchers felt like they could benefit from. After all, the Indians were one organization at the front of some of these methods. Falvey did not say it in so many words but one of the major reasons the Twins hired multiple coaches out of the college ranks is because they have been more receptive to using new training methods. 


Most amatuer pitchers today have tried or have been exposed to these programs and training methods. It is somewhat backwards to tell a pitcher who is brought into the system they have to stop doing their preferred training and warm-up methods because someone doesn't approve for unscientific reasons. 


In the end, each pitcher is an individual and they should be allowed the freedom to develop in certain ways. 

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