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On Promoting Stories and Forum Entries

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#1 John Bonnes

John Bonnes


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Posted 24 February 2012 - 05:19 AM

Just a quick note that I thought I'd post - I hope people find it. 1) Right now, we're trying to find 1-3 quality blog posts to promote each day to the front page. This morning I went out and promoted only one -the one about meeting Vic Powers, which needed a lot of editing but was such a good story I couldn't pass it up. But I wanted to mention that there were at least four others that were right on the edge of earning a promotion. I either was going to need to promote all four or none, and I chose none, mostly because I'm out of time. So I wanted to point out: - There are some good blog entries that don't make it to the front page. You might want to check those out. - It really does pay to put those final touches on a blog entry here. Is it well-written? Is it entertaining or dry? We have a lot of good writers already in this community, so the standard for promotion is already high and going to get higher. - Please don't be too disappointed or down on yourself if a worth entry isn't promoted. Sometimes it has little to do with how good it is, and more to do with our time constraints or the other posts out there. 2) The last couple of days I've come across a few very short blog posts that could generate discussion. I thought these might be better served being a lead topic in a forum. I just want to make sure everyone knows: we can promote individual forum posts to the front page just like we can blog posts. So it you do some research and want it to start (or contribute to) a discussion, don't think that a forum post has a lesser status than a blog post. In fact, the way this site is coded, it looks like forum posts often have more attention. Thanks, John