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MLB Mock trade deadline. Inerested?

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#1 RinaldiPhotos


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Posted 06 July 2012 - 11:04 AM

I spoke with Seth a while ago to see if users would be interested in doing a Mock Trade Deadline. I have participated in these on other sites and they normally work out. If there is enough interest, Seth said that he would be able to create the necessary forums. A minimum of 30 users is needed and as many people as want can join. If more than 30 people sign up some teams will have Co-Gm's.

MLB Mock trade deadline:
30 teams in the MLB so at least 30 users are needed. This means that if more than 30 people sign up that gms will be asked to co-gm. You and your parnter will be responsible for running 1 team. Each team is required to have a Clubhouse in the Clubhouse thread. In your Clubhouse you will need your 25 man roster, your players salarys, teams top 25 prospects as well as any roster moves you make. You are allowed to have more guys in your clubhouse until you are called to set your roster down to 25 (not just for playoff teams). You do not have to worry about a player being rule 5 eligible and where to place him. You have every single player that is in the system to trade if you please so.

A trade comittee is needed. 5 people works the best but any odd number would do. When a trade is sent in that is questionable by any means it will be sent to the trade comittee. This is needed if someone were to trade Joe Mauer for prospects in the 15-18 range or anything like that.
Trading will be done by a per team basis. Each team will have its own individual cap. Meaning that some teams will have more free money than others, teams with extremly high caps may not see their cap increased at all. You may cut a player. For the sake of this game a player will be on waivers for 1 day. If the player gets claimed by a team then the team cutting him will pay 1/4 his slary as well as the team claiming him will pay 3/4 the salry. If the player does not get claimed after 24 hours the team releasing him will pay 1/2 the salary. The player will now a free agent and have his own thread. NO INTERNATIONAL FA's.

You are allowed to trade any prospects in your orgination. Un realisitic trades will not be allowed. You can trade stars for prospects but not an orgianization top 10 per say unless more players from the other team are tossed in as well. The minors have no rhyme or reason, you can call up players as you need. Keep in mind you can build for the future and trade for prospects but every team must keep 25 players on their team the whole time. If you trade a reliever, an outfielder and a bench player you can get 3 prospects back. You have to include what players from the minors (or signings) you are calling up This prevents a team from offering their top 4 prospects for 1 player. A trade can include as many teams as you want as long as no team is getting raped or giving up an absurd amount of players

There will be a 3 day sign up period. You sign up for a SPOT and if you want to co-gm state that in the post. Teams will be drawn at Random. We will consider doing it in a Tinychat or chatzy type of thing. By signing up for the trade deadline you undestand that you could get the Rangers or Royals. If you want only 1 team and will quit if you dont get thast team dont sign up and waste our time.

At the end of this there will be awards. Each gm will be asked to vote. Some awards include: Best Gm, Best future, other award nominees will be accepted.

Divisions will be voted on by the opposing leagues Gm's. The team with the most votes for each divison will win that divison. Wild card will be decided by the team with the most votes in the respective league that did not win the divison. In case of a tie a 163 game will be posted. I will post the match up and it will affect how your rotation is set based off your clubhouse (If your the Giuants Lincecum can't start game 163 and the first game of the playoff series). A playoff rotation (for those teams in the playoffs) will be required to be in your clubhouse.

Forums needed:
MLB-Trade dadline
Sub forums: Free Agents (Roy Oswalt, etc), Trade Block
In the MLB trade deadline forum: Announcements (includes firing a Gm that is unactive for more than 30 hours with out having a co), requests for trades, Gm list, gm check in thread, as well as a lounge. The lounge will be used to discuss anything that you want as well as reactions to trades, prospects and whatever else.


Gms with a player who has a no trade clause or a partial no trade clause will have to submit a request. A player may be traded a max of 2 times before the Gm has to submit a request while prospects can be traded as many times as you want. To find out if your player has a NTC hit cntrl f on the link above.

If there is anything I forgot or I could make clearer let me know.

Also, if this needs to be moved to a different forum, feel free and move it.

#2 J-Dog Dungan

J-Dog Dungan

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Posted 06 July 2012 - 01:17 PM

This sounds like a good idea and very confusing at the same time; I would be willing to try it out.

#3 RinaldiPhotos


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Posted 06 July 2012 - 03:10 PM

This sounds like a good idea and very confusing at the same time; I would be willing to try it out.

its a lot easier than it sounds. The main thing is getting player salarys into the clubhouse. You basically take over a team for a few weeks.