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Rochester everyday roster

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#1 greengoblinrulz


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Posted 15 June 2012 - 09:02 PM

Just interesting to me..nothing more
Tonight the Red Wings again started a lineup of all ex-big leaguers. They will do this most nights as 11 of the 12 players have MLB experience (Ray Chang the loner).
Most of us know that AAA is the AAAA league as few prospects spend much time there. You are usually on the fast-track to the bigs or on the way back down if you cant play.
I mentioned this in a thread a few weeks ago & Seth said its pretty common to have that many ex big leaguers. I looked up the INT Lg rosters tonight & while, yes, almost every team features mostly players with MLB time....nobody has more than ROC's 11.
Active players only
Columbus also has 11...but out of 13 players
Scranton Wilkes Barre has 10 out of 13
Buffalo also has 10 out of 13
Indianapolis 10 out of 13
Gwinnett 8 of 14
Lehigh Valley 8 of 13
Durham 8 of 12
Pawtucket 8 of 12
Norfolk 7 of 12
Syracuse 7 of 12
Toledo 6 of 13
Lousville 5 of 11
Charlotte 5 of 11

To me it just shows how depleted the team is with 'ready to go' everyday talent. They already have 2 guys in Benson/Tosoni with MLB experience in AA & nobody other than Chris Hermann who is scratching the door to AAA. Not like anybody is being 'blocked'.
It is what it is.....but does anyone else think thats too many guys who havent made it??

#2 Thrylos


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Posted 15 June 2012 - 09:19 PM

I don't know about counting, but my local AAA team (LV) used 35 players this season, 22 of whom have had MLB experience. Lots of movement to just count starting players in a single game. Rochester used 43 players and only 8 did not have MLB experience BTW :) And one of those 8 (Hirschfeld) was practically on loan from the Rock Cats for a day.
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#3 whydidnt


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Posted 16 June 2012 - 11:23 AM

Yes, the upper levels of the minors is a barren wasteland for the Twins. And I'm starting to get concerned about Ft. Myers too. The Twins have had bad luck, bad drafts and bad development over the last few years and it's caught up to them. I was glad to see they changed draft strategy this year, but I really don't think drafting a bunch of college relievers is a great strategy though either. I guess we will see over the next 5 years if I'm right or not.

#4 IdahoPilgrim


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Posted 16 June 2012 - 11:35 AM

I've always thought of AAA rosters being composed of 3 groups of players: 1) True prospects sharpening their skills before going to the bigs (although there has been a trend for them to skip AAA in recent years); 2) AAAA players who are good enough to do spot duty in the majors to replace injured players, to give them a place to play until they are needed; 3) Minor league journeyman who will never be quite good enough for the Show but who still have some talents and don't want to give up the game (and there is a need for those to fill out AAA rosters; some of them actually make some money, too).

#5 jorgenswest


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Posted 16 June 2012 - 11:42 AM

The health of the Twins farm system is a significant concern and should have been since 2009. This particular measure is also biased by a few player that have seen major league time that may not have in another organization. If Parmelee, Benson, Hendriks, DeVries and Dozier were in a different organization, they may not have seen their major league debut yet. I prefer looking at the average age at the level, preferably weighted by PA or IP. It will give a better picture of whether a team is filled with AAAA players or organizational players at the lower levels.

#6 greengoblinrulz


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Posted 16 June 2012 - 12:00 PM

If Parmelee, Benson, Hendriks, DeVries and Dozier were in a different organization, they may not have seen their major league debut yet.

dont buy this at all. Benson was a top 100 prospect...Parmellee was a #1 pick and had a solid yr last yr...Hendriks is thought of very highly....Dozier had a great yr @ AA (shoulda been up in Sept).....DeVries I agree.

What may show the organziation is troubled (at least they are trying to remedy it) is the waiver claims/minor league FAs they've made (Mastro, Florimon, Komatsu, Burroughs, etc) because they know their own prospects cant cut it.

Next 2 levels....bad feeling that only Hermann, Hicks & Arcia are major league players (not counting pitchers) & Hicks is a HUGE maybe.

#7 greengoblinrulz


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Posted 16 June 2012 - 12:33 PM

Want to at least acknowledge also that I prefer this 12 man everyday lineup to last yrs with the likes of Chase Lambin, Aaron Bates, Jeff Bailey, Toby Gardenhire, Danny Lehman .....retreads/guys who had no chance to get to big leagues .....as well as guys like 27 yr old Dustin Martin/Brandon Roberts/Steve Singleton, players I personally liked since they came up thru the system.