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Terry Ryan scheduled to see Alex Meyer pitch for the first time next Monday

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Cast of Thousands


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Posted 26 August 2014 - 11:56 AM

Shouldn't the Twins want to stay out of the PCL, I thought Vegas was among the worst stadiums, complete bandbox.

Selfishly, I'd love to see the Twins AAA affiliate come to Vegas but not if it's to play at Cashman Field.  It's a dump, and it's in a terrible location.


Periodically, talk comes up about building a new stadium for someone's AAA team but it never comes to fruition.  It's the Mets now and I remember the Blue Jays a few years ago threatening to leave if they didn't build a new stadium.  Bye bye...


On a side note, I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw Bobby Abreu heading out to RF Saturday night (I had a friend in from out of town that wanted to go to a game for some reason, only my second AAA game at Cashman in 10 years).  Bobby frickin' Abreu.  WTF....

#102 jokin


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Posted 26 August 2014 - 12:10 PM

Ryan's title is GM, not director of player development.That means he handles stuff like this, and he's also in charge of the player development folks... and he's in charge of the manager... and for that matter, he is in charge of all baseball operations.I suspect his plan for the Rochester trip was to handle both. 



Yes.  All true.  And no one has said different.  If we return to the original story from Mike Berardino, in his conversation with Terry Ryan, Ryan chose only to disclose to the reporter of the "player development" GM role of his upcoming activities on his trip to Rochester.  To reiterate, here was Ryan's original quote:



“I’m going to see him (pitch next Monday in Rochester). I’m going to see the whole club, of course, but I’ll see him for the first time (at that level). It’s important that when you bring a guy up they’re prepared to pitch at this level. So we’ll see how prepared he looks.”



Given the original article and what Ryan said, not what he didn't say, signing off on Alex Meyer and his next step in 2014, one way or another, appeared to be a main priority for this trip.  As Seth previously stated, a new deal with Rochester had probably been in the works for a while now.  Apparently, none of the beat writers or other media outlets like Twins Daily, were made privy to this new deal, which was only made public a few hours before last night's game in Rochester.  So, it appears that Ryan, at the time he gave the quote to Berardino, hadn't quite closed the deal definitively enough to make a comment, and that negotiations were still pending to finalize the agreement.


My comments were related specifically to how the whole thing went down.  Apparently, the local ownership wanted an official, game-delaying, on-field ceremony (immediately following the 1st inning)- which was certainly their prerogative- followed by a press conference away from the field while the game proceeded.  So yes, Ryan had to have both of his hats on, and in the process, missed quite of bit of Meyer's performance.


At this point, we're all left only wondering if Ryan has made an informed-enough decision on whether or not Meyer passed the "prepared to pitch at this level" test, or not.

#103 jokin


    Twins News Team

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Posted 26 August 2014 - 12:33 PM

Here was Ryan's quote, earlier in the article, on "The Meyer Plan" for this season:


He’s right where he belongs.


We had a plan with him and it’s worked as far as keeping him active. We got him out of there at a particular time in a game, which in a normal setting you don’t like to do that.


You’d like to see him pitch through some of those innings.


We’ve taken him out for a reason so he can get through the year. He should be fine to go.”


Given that Gene Glynn kept Meyer in before, and then during, the 6th inning, when in every previous game he would have been removed after reaching 90 pitches, let alone 100 throws, it's a good bet that it was a prime showcase opportunity for Meyer in front of the "Player Development GM"..  We'll find out soon enough if he passed the Ryan test for preparedness or not, the comment, "he should be fine to go", at this point, is pretty open-ended and can really mean almost anything.  But, hopefully not "fine to go" as in July 2015 or something similar.

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