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Article: What Do You Want Out Of Twins Daily?

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#41 twinsfan34


    Paul DeVos

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Posted 09 August 2014 - 07:53 PM

I love TwinsDaily


I visit TwinsDaily at least 3-5 times a day. I read a bit of what TD is. And as far as what it wants to be - well - I imagine you guys are doing what like doing. Parker seems to really like the analytical stuff - or subtleties in pitching to SD Buhr seems to cover (perhaps lives in Cedar Rapids) Kernels baseball - has some "deeper than the boxscore" insights.


Content - Websites


I visit milb.com, espn.com, mlb.com, fangraphs.com, mlbfarm.com, and any other website related to minor league baseball. I have the MiLB At-Bat app on my phone and I have most of the top 50 prospects teams' followed on my phone. I check all the Twins Minor League Teams.


I feel since this is not a "Online Newspaper" and the fact that there's already tons of coverage for the MLB club (perhaps certain press privileges too) - we don't need 'extra' Twins coverage. I think the Twins part, the MLB club, could be more of a "forum" type feel while TD could develop other areas as the "go to" website for those areas.


1. Minor League Coverage

  • Maybe some beat writers for specific teams - much easier access to photo opps, interviews, "more than the boxscore" insights or game accounts. If a writer or writers keeps a single team or two teams can perhaps give a fuller scope/view of the development of those teams/players.
  • Further MiLB coverage as a whole - Matchups/Players to watch for in the games. e.g.

2. Articles/Forums

  • The Articles, at some point, shouldn't be so busy (this page: http://twinsdaily.com/). Similar to the right side of ESPN where you have 10 hyperlinks. Then have the pictures (currently on the articles) at the page for that article. I feel I miss so much content - I often find it weeks later - because I couldn't find everything that was written the day it was written. The Forum route leads to the Index page (http://twinsdaily.com/index) which leads to MLB or MiLB, which is fairly readable. So I feel I miss the Articles because they're so bulky at this point.
  • Articles by Topic type - similar to http://fangraphs.com - I'd love to see the Articles in a sort of sorted column for it's content type - whatever those may be - Twins - MiLB - Analytics - NotBaseball - Fantasy Baseball categories, etc - whatever is decided.

3. TwinsDaily - The Community

  • TD is kind of a community, we recognize the names of the contributors and the commentors - many of us do. And many of us, myself included, are Twins fans from afar (I'm in Dallas). But even those in the TC area - it seems they'd like ways to connect for a beer, a game, or whatever. Maybe that's linking Meetup.com or if members wish, much like SABR, to put general contact information. Either way - perhaps a more visible or 'user friendly' way to have this visible or a part of TD might be useful. Heatmaps (city only) or whatever people are comfortable with location wise. We can put it in our signatures as well. But it looks like some people are wanting something more crowd sourcing up to the minute type of setups. Can log on, find people, I'm here. Some do this on the game threads. Maybe just encourage it to be done there as well, then PM, etc.

4. Fantasy Sports

  • As far as Fantasy Baseball. I might be able to help there. I'm a database engineer for a Fantasy Sports startup (in our 2nd year) and we're developing the baseball for next year. We have the NFL and NBA right now. The nice thing about our drafts is they're weekly and you can have as many of your 'friends' on your list (compete against) as you want. As you participate in a 10 team league, 1 human against 9 computers and you get a fantasy score per week. You can win $$, no cost. The website is Skyllzone.com. Can try the NFL or NBA this Fall/Winter...see if you like it. Could have a TwinsDaily GlobalLeaderBoard. Willing to try to help try to make this something if they want something more than a season-long roster for a fantasy draft. Personally, with the length of the MLB season - I think it's a better format. Also, Yahoo and ESPN formats are kinda isolated to only a max of 20 teams. This way you can get 200+ people in the same 'competition' and access their scores/stats, etc.
  • P.S. If anyone signs up, can PM me and I can help get you started, answer questions, etc. as far as the NFL season. MLB is still in development. (actually would love some Fantasy Baseball input for our platform released next spring)


5. Twins Daily - What can we do for you?

  • How can I support you guys? What are things you guys would like from us? I personally could do more than just comment on a lot of things. And I would be willing to do more if I have something that would make TD better.
  • Does TD have a "wish list"?

#42 DocBauer


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Posted 09 August 2014 - 08:09 PM

First of all, not a blatant attempt to suck up to anyone, but not only do I love TD as my favorite website, but I've shared it with non-Twins fans to simply show what is made available to us Twins fans, the pure quality of encapsulated information and community blogging, and I find extreme jealousy. I don't take the time to scout other opportunities for fans of other teams, but from what little I have seen, from said jealousy of acquaintances, and my own impressions of TD, I seriously doubt there's a site quite like this one out there. It's very hard for me to critique anything additionally for the site...but...were I to daydream a bit, I'd offer the following suggestions. (Sorry if some of them are repetitive) And sorry if I've missed anything new that I might have missed with the updates, but haven't had time to explore all the changes yet. 1) Direct links to Twins milb sites would be nice. I like to visit milb.com often, but it does prove painful at times to have to multi click and then multi backspace to check stats and the such. 2) I have to agree that bringing Gleeman over would be a natural move. 3) In regard to links, there is another Twins site that used to include links to other bloggers, including many of those here, which also included some local newspaper and columnists to the minor league affiliates. 4) Again, dreaming here now, but I really enjoy SD's perspectives on the Kernals, as well as those who visit them on opportunities. I wish there a way, in person experience, or via net interviews even, that we could have that personal connection to other teams, or, occassional articles or Q&A from coaches of milb teams. Again, kinda dreaming there. 5) I know this is far reaching hope, but it would be awesome if someone in the organization who could offer up perspectives and news about the players and teams. Moves, who's working on what, that kind of thing. Again, I'm daydreaming here and shooting for the moon. 6) On the site itself, if I offered one small critique, it would involve the front page offerings themselves. Over a slow day or two, rather than have a posted article that repeats itself in the right column, sometimes twice, I'd rather just have another post listed to make overall access a little more convenient. 7) I know we all have access to post in the forum and blog areas, but maybe a guest columnist would be fun. People outside to TD, possibly tied to the ML club or milb clubs, or even members here, to address the Twins, the past present or future of the Twins, covering baseball as a perspective, or even fan stories of their experiences or amateur "careers" as fans. Just daydreaming here.

"Nice catch Hayes...don't ever f*****g do it again."


--Lou Brown

#43 DocBauer


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Posted 09 August 2014 - 08:11 PM

Sorry for the disjointed last post. I usually post on IPad these days, and for whatever reason, despite paragraph breaks, most of my posts end up showing no breaks and end up as long running paragraphs. I don't know what the issue is.

"Nice catch Hayes...don't ever f*****g do it again."


--Lou Brown

#44 Twins and Losses

Twins and Losses

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Posted 11 August 2014 - 11:35 AM

A niche content idea: "where are they now" regular column. There are so many interesting stories of what happened after baseball (knoblauch) to the players that were simply dfa'd or dl'd during the season and months later we know nothing of what happened to them. May take a little investigative initiative to develop some of the stories, but they'd be fun to read.

There's a phenomenal Twitter account (@Ex_Twins_News) that covers everything you're talking about. He's one guy who does it all so some of the updates are sporadic. I've asked him to write for Twins And Losses, and those could easily be posted here as well.