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Year to year SP improvement

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#31 Paul Pleiss

Paul Pleiss

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Posted 08 August 2014 - 12:13 AM

The Twins are improving their rotation, slowly, but surely. I still have faith in Big Pelf, unrationally, but hope is still there for him to be league average in 2015. Maybe he can be our next Kevin Correia, veteran guy who logs lots of innings. That's not too much to hope for. Gibson and Hughes shoudl continue to be better than league average.


That's three guys. Nolasco hopefully is back, and Meyer and May should be in the mix as well. maybe they push Pelf out of the picture or somebody is hurt (Nolasco?), but I'm excited about the future of the pitching in Minnesota.


It's still not good, But it's moving in the right direction.


Now if only they could get rid of that pesky Rick Anderson, my personal nemesis.

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#32 Shane Wahl

Shane Wahl

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Posted 08 August 2014 - 12:53 AM

Trevor May should have already been up. Alex Meyer should be up soon to join the bullpen.

#33 Oxtung


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Posted 08 August 2014 - 02:32 AM

Progress is always relative.

Forget disappointment and frustration for a moment, as well as bad luck, (cap tip to Nick), does anyone think that a healthy Nolasco won't be a solid part of the 2015 rotation? Maybe even...dare I say it...a good performer? Put him along with Hughes and Gibson and you have...(baited breath)...a pretty solid to good looking 1,2,3?

Of course, we need two more starters to finish things out. So, I guess we'll look to Diamond and Walters and.....wait....what? They're not around any longer? What?

You mean the Twins went out and acquired two top SP prospects who may be better than anyone on the list above, and anybody they've had in years? Wow!

Why aren't they up now? The Twins say they want them to develop a bit more to reach a level of consistency where they can achieve more permanent success? Ok. I'm disappointed, but I guess I understand. Can they still come up this season to gain some valuable experience? They can? They might? They probably will? AWESOME!

What's that? They also recently traded for a ML experienced LHSP who has a short but solid resume that could be a solid 4th or 5th starter now and next year? Cool. And say what? They also have a young 20yo kid in AA who has lightening in his arm who might be ready sometime next season? Now I'm just giddy with excitement!

And you say there are a couple LH's and RH's that have a chance to contribute as 5th starters or pen options, just in case someone isn't quite ready yet, but otherwise could provide insurance at AAA?

Oh wait, you're kidding me here right? There's actually some quality arms that may be ready to further improve and deepen the bullpen?

WOW! This doesn't sound like the same Twins team I knew a couple years ago.


If Hughes, Gibson, Nolasco are our 1-3 pitchers next year we are a sub-.500 team again.  On a competitive team they are 3-5.  Will the Twins bring in a legit top of the rotation pitcher? Will May and Meyer get a shot early next season?  Will May or Meyer pitch the way we hope and become the top of the rotation pitchers we hope for? I don't know the answers to these questions but we had better hope some of these come true or we are in for another long season in 2015.


On a side note, outside of Detroit the starting pitching is very up in the air in the central next season.  The Indians could have a very nice rotation if somethings come together but KC and the Sox have big holes just like the Twins.

#34 USAFChief



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Posted 08 August 2014 - 06:32 AM

Maybe he can be our next Kevin Correia, veteran guy who logs lots of innings.

Lots of innings?

Go Twins!

#35 TheLeviathan


    Twins News Team

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Posted 08 August 2014 - 06:51 AM

Lots of innings?


This just goes to show how infectious Dick Bremer's ideas can be if you listen enough.