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Thread: Rand: 2014 HOF Results

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    Rand: 2014 HOF Results

    Michael Rand spells out the 2015 HOF results a year ahead of time.

    If you spent too much of your Wednesday getting worked up about the Baseball Hall of Fame announcement — who got in, who was left out, who gave away their vote — we’d like to save you some time and effort.

    You don’t need to read anything about the Hall of Fame for the next year because this is what is going to happen with the 2015 class:

    I won't ruin it, but I'll say this - I think he nailed it.

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    The prediction is probably sound. Although I think Biggio might not get to 80%, I think he could make it by a hair.

    I think there were 5 or 6 voters who admitted to voting for him last year but not this year because he was their #11 guy. He should at get least a few of those, maybe even all of them, which would put him over the hump. But he may not get any more than that.

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    There is a strong push to change away from the 10-person ballot as soon as next voting period. That could drastically impact guys like Piazza, Biggio, and Mussina/Schilling.
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