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Thread: Article: Jonathan Mayo on Minnesota Twins Prospects - Pt 1

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    Throwing in my response to the article here, joining the masses.

    I'm not worried about Gibson being blocked. If he pitches well enough the Twins will find starts for him. I think it's likely (read as ALMOST ASSURED) that someone will get hurt and there will be a need for a guy like Gibson/Diamond/Worley to come in and make starts. Obviously with Diamond and Worley out of options, where they start the season will be a big question (especially if they get put on waivers and claimed).

    As far as Hicks goes, I like what Mayo had to say. I still like Hicks, and at 24, there's no reason to give up yet. I know we are all counting on Byron Buxton to come and be the answer at CF for a long time, but Hicks could provide considerable value as a corner OF guy, bench bat/4OF, and ideally would be a great guy to have roaming CF until Buxton is ready to assume those duties. Of course, I was a huge proponent of Joe Benson, and we all know how that ended. Pour JB, just couldn't seem to put his immense potential and talent together at the higher levels, and that beautiful hair. (author sheds a tear and takes a moment of silence...)

    There is a lot to be excited about as far as prospects go for this organization, and while there may rightly be some hesitation over both Gibson and Hicks, neither should fall by the wayside. Don't give up on them, at least not yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Pleiss View Post
    I'm not worried about Gibson being blocked. If he pitches well enough the Twins will find starts for him.
    This isn't the issue. To be clear, I am sure he will get starts this year. What I hope is that they are a committed, invested amount of them whether he has highs or lows. Let him work through things, not rubber-band him back and forth. I just don't find that an effective way to develop a prospect nor to see what they are capable of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike wants wins View Post
    You clearly mean Gibson, and I agree.....KC or Pelfrey blocking Gibson, ugh.

    As for Hicks, his struggles were historically bad. I believe Fangraphs looked and could find zero players that were that bad their first month that ever turned out good, but that might have been an offhand remark in a chat...... The bigger issue for me last year was that his defense looked a lot less impressive than we had been led to believe. That should not have been effected by being in MN at all.
    I'm not sure. Hicks did throw in the 90's in high school. So did Buxton for that matter...

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