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Thread: Article: January Mailbag? !!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stringer bell View Post
    I don't know if Aaron Hicks is in my ideal lineup for 2015. My fondest hope is for Hicks to be recalled early, establish himself, and be traded for value as were Span and Revere. I think one of the outfield corners should be manned by Arcia. He has the tools (range/speed & arm) to be a competent outfielder and he's only 22. I am also not sold on Rosario returning to the outfield. In the next year to year and a half, one of he and Dozier could also go for power or pitching.
    Who is your third outfielder if not Hicks?

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    I think Hicks ends up in RF when Buxton comes up, with Arcia moving to LF.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmathewson View Post
    I think Hicks ends up in RF when Buxton comes up, with Arcia moving to LF.
    I'm with you on this. I love Hicks' arm in right. Nothing would fall between center and right either.
    Works on contingency? No, money down!
    Kevin Slowey was Framed!

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    I love Hicks' arm in RF, but I also like his range for LF. Especially given this claim about Arcia being more comfortable, and better, in RF. I don't know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad Swanson View Post
    Obviously, I like Dozier. I did call him penne arrabiata, didn't I? Overall, he had a good 2013 season. He had two excellent months, two good months and two bad months. The order of when the bad and excellent months occurred is encouraging. I'm not ready to say he can be a core member of a championship team just yet. If he improves in 2014, I'll admit that I'm wrong.

    As for who is a white castle cheeseburger - I'd say Ryan Doumit is a pretty good fit. Simple, pretty good, you'd like to have more than one, but it's no one's favorite and sometimes it makes you really sick. It's just too bad the Twins traded him away.
    The White Castle Cheeseburger (aka Slider) would have to be Nick "Why does he always slide head-first into first base?" Punto. Seems like a good idea at the end of an evening after over-indulging, but you seriously question his worth the next morning. And the rest of the day too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shane Wahl View Post
    I love Hicks' arm in RF, but I also like his range for LF. Especially given this claim about Arcia being more comfortable, and better, in RF. I don't know.
    When factoring both Rosario and Arcia into the equation, I think one of these outfielders becomes a tradable asset - hopefully for more starting pitching (correct me if I'm wrong, but we'll have some expiring contracts at the end of 2015 that we'll be looking to upgrade). The one who remains becomes your leftfielder.

    I think a bigger key for this team is to make sure they are at least 3-deep with high-quality starters by '16/no later than '17 if this team is going to constructed for a playoff run for the end of the Mauer era and moving towards the prime of Sano/Buxton. None of those three will be in the rotation in '14 (unless we are surprised by a career resurrection by Hughes) - and I only see (with high probability) two of them in the system currently with Meyer and Stewart. You can make arguments for others to have that potential but they are longer shots, so we'll need to make an intelligent trade or two to complete the rotation as getting true value through FA is getting more difficult by the year due to teams locking up their good young players through their twenties.

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    If Mike Pelfrey comes to Twins Fest this year I would actually pay to have my picture taken with him. Last season I had him sign a random add from the Twins magazine, wasted opportunity. I'm smitten with Big Pelf and I don't know why. I'm considering making a legitimate post about why he'll have a sub 4 ERA this season and will lead the team in wins.

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