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Thread: Twins to Place 8 Prospects on Baseball Prospectus top 101

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunnarthor View Post
    Just an FYI, Parks tweeted that Sano and Buxton were the only Twins in the top 25 (presumably much higher) and Meyer was the only other one that made the top 50 (my guess is the 40-45 area).
    I was thinking top 20 for Meyer was a bit high. Surprised Kohl Stewart isn't top 50 at least though. I guess he didn't have much time to prove himself this past summer, I assume he just missed the top 50 then.

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    Parks also tweeted that five of top seven were SSs (with Buxton and Tavares), so Sano is, at best eight, probably more in the 10-12 range. Not that it pertains exactly, but interesting.

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    Did this list come out yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shane Wahl View Post
    I agree that Polanco should be there instead of Thorpe, but it sounds like Thorpe might be the eight guy. Anyway, I think Polanco and Kepler would be in the top 150.

    It isn't hard to see the Twins having 8 again going into 2015, even after Sano, Meyer, and Pinto graduate. Gonsalves, Polanco, Kepler, Felix, Harrison, and Walker are candidates (with breakout seasons from a couple of them).
    I just don't get the love for Kepler. But we go him young...and we do like them young! He is still 3-4 years away at best in my book.

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    Thorpe has been doing well in the Aussie league. It's not a great standard, but probably equivalent to Low/high A ball so a level of competition higher than he has routinely played against. Through 7 starts he has 30/10 K/BB in 36.2IP with a 2.45 ERA

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    The pessimist in me is starting to come out. All of this national love for the twin's system is just making me damn nervous.

    Let's hope they stay healthy.

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