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Thread: Article: Finding Positives in Pelfrey

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    No. Perkins was optioned. He had a grievance about the timing of the option
    Both Waldrop and Fox left as minor league free agents.
    Young was not a Twins' first rounder and he was traded not cut

    Adam Jonhson may count, but that was just 9 games over 2 seasons he played. Nothing like Plouffee, Cuddyer or Parmelee...
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    Oh my!

    This thread has taken on a very broad life of its own, and is obviously covering the entire breadth of the 2014 Twins we all love so much. It would be virtually impossible to cut and paste every comment I'd like t address and agree with.

    Isnt this version of the hot stove just the best ever? LoL

    To attempt to address some of the primary points:

    Ryan is not done yet. He will be addressing some useful pieces to the bench still. Probably a C, an INF who can hit and play a little, and probably a flyer at least n an OF as insurance for Mastro health and Hicks development. But positionally speaking, I see no major trades or FA signings. (Unless there is a surprise a SS). At this point in the rebuild, you just don't trade young talent, great young talent, just to add a decent ML player. Do you really try to acquire someone to replace or block Pinto, Arcia, Sano, Buxton, Hicks and Rosario? Not to mention a healthy Mauer, Dozier and rebounding Willingham. (primary DH hopefully) No. You add a couple pieces t supplement.

    And be honest for a moment, could the Twins offense this next season, even with the players we currently have, no uber prospects ready to suddenly break-out, just a new season, better health, in some cases mild improvement, be any worse than last season?

    Thinking a strong and obvious NO.

    As to the jist of this article, the Pelfrey signing, I admit to some struggle. I have debated this signing since the end of last season internally, and with my own father, a rabid Twins fan who raised me as such, and has been an ardent and informed fan since they arrived in Minnesota. Probably forgotten more about Twins history than any of us can even know.

    Ultimately, it's a good signing in my opinion.

    Yes I wanted Garza. But I think it's becoming clear that the YEARS may not make sense. Nolasco and Hughes are good, quality signings that in years past we would be doing cartwheels over. And both have real potential. Garza and Arroyo come with their own separate question marks that make me a bit uneasy, though cant say I'd complain too much.

    Pelfrey has some real talent, though his career has been somewhat up and down. He showed some real flashes last year once he got his legs underneath him, before running out of gas late. Now a full year plus removed from TJ, we might see more of that consistency, and probably will. His contract does nothing to hinder our youngsters. He gives us a 4 deep pitching option of at least decent SP to open ST with.

    I hear and understand the arguments how we might be "too deep" in SP to begin ST. Really? Is that a real thing? Name me a ball club that goes through the spring without a single SP that doesn't have a blister, or a strain, or a pull, or some twinge to slow or shelve someone, even for just a few weeks.

    I LOVE Deduno if/when healthy and hope he is! I truly believe he is an electric and erratic arm who learned to take something off his stuff, and was a late bloomer. But he might not be ready at the start. Diamond and Worley have talent, have shown what they can do when right, and might be right again. I hope they do/are. But what if the don't?

    Gibson? I think he's a serious #2 potentially, but no matter how hard you try to spin it, last year was his first year coming back from TJ surgery. Not saying, again, I don't believe in the kid, but it takes time. Sure I want him kicking butt and taking names from day one, and I hope he does. But is spending a month or so in AAA pitching every 5th day to stetch himself out really a bad thing?

    Point is, this is a solid and not very expensive signing that gives us depth and flexibility. In an ideal world, everyone is healthy and pitching like they belong,and we can trade Correia to someone a little less fortunate in the SP department due to injury or otherwise, and all the younger guys, Gibson, Worley and Diamond rock and we can make a deal.

    But depth is never a bad thing.

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