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Thread: Give me Garza at 4 yrs over Pelfrey at 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor0333 View Post
    I do like your thought process on next year & Bailey. However I think the market will dictate providing a better option to the player than what Lackey accepted.
    Lackey got 5 years and a similar option might be the enticement to a team to sign Garza for five years since they know will get an extra year if he loses a season to TJ. It really isn't a bad option for Garza since he gets the guaranteed money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bark's Lounge View Post
    I definitely would choose Garza over Pelfrey. Signing him to a 4-5 year contract would be big risk, just as it would be a big risk to sign the other two remaining top free agent starters Santana and Jimenez to the same contract. Where Garza wins out over those 2 pitchers, is that their is no draft pick compensation attached to Garza. Even if it is only a 2nd round pick... it is a significant factor.

    Just like everyone else who participates on this site - if the Twins were able to acquire Tanaka - I would be ecstatic... hell, I'd probably urinate in my pants to be honest with you. It would be greater than great.

    In my opinion, if Tanaka is posted, most, if not all of the MLB Organizations will throw their 20 Million Dollar hat into the ring.

    I have some serious doubts that the Twins can outbid a lot of those teams and that the Twin Cities would be at the top of Tanaka's list of preferred destinations. No disrespect to Minneapolis and St. Paul (I love living here), but I would guess that the coastal US metropolises would be a target of his - where there are more creature comforts of his home land.
    I don't see Garza over Pelfrey as either/or. I think TR is keeping the negotiation going as a way to make sure he can add one more free agent arm. The preference is obvious, but TR may have to sign Pelfrey as insurance before he's ready and still sign Garza. At this point, it's just Monopoly money. Pohlad and TR both know that the team is a mess, and if they don't do something quickly, the shine on Target Field will wear off, and it will be even harder to improve the team with less revenue than today.

    Realistically I feel Garza has two good years left in the tank, and probably a third OK year, so I understand the reluctance to sign to a 4th or 5th, but it what you have to do to get the guy, if it's 4 years/60 mil, you have to assume the risk of the gamble that it may be 3/60.

    Regarding Tanaka, I wonder if TR is gun shy, after watching Smith totally whiff on Nishioka who was supposed to be the greatest short stop in Twins history. There's a big difference between 4/60 for Garza and 4/100 (including posting fee) for Tanaka, and there's also a big talent difference between Japan and MLB that makes the inflated statistics distorted too. Regardless, I do like Tanaka, but I liked Nishioka too.

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