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Thread: Article: The Calm before the Storm

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    I like this post - its like the old sethspeaks
    A few exclamation marks, and just thoughts on my fav club

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hosken Bombo Disco View Post
    I might have agreed with you until a couple weeks ago when Ryan started signing other guys. I think the Twins have the leverage now, especially considering Pelfrey's own stated interest in returning.

    All I keep hearing from multiple reports is that the Twins had an offer for 2/10 and have upped it to 2/12. I have a friend who works for the Twins who believes we will end up signing Pelfrey (he is five for five on these things). I give us kudos for signing Nolasco and Hughes, but this one is mind boggling. He is exactly why we needed better pitching. He was and is terrible. Second, you have three rotation spots set with Nolasco, Hughes, and Correa. Meyer, Deduno, and Gibson are all better and/or have more upside, and much cheaper than Pelfrey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jokin View Post
    Do you know something about Alfonso Soriano?
    Of course, I meant Rosario. I don't know if that was my own mental lapse, or my Ipad's spell check incompetance. LOL My apologies

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