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Thread: Twins & SS Stephen Drew?

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    The thing I like about this idea is that if there is one area of weakness in the organization it is shortstop. We have a couple of OK prospects that are 1-3 years away from playing big league ball - maybe. The thing that I don't like about the idea is that Drew is not as good a defender as Florimon, period. I don't care what dWar or anything else says, Florimon is a superior defensive SS and it ain't close. Drew is clearly a better hitter but he isn't going to get better and Florimon might, given his age and lack of experience. All things considered I'd take the money and put it towards signing Garza instead of Pelfrey / Arroyo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JP3700 View Post

    You're using Baseball Reference when you refer to dWAR. BR uses RZR as their defensive metric. UZR is a much more accurate measure of defense because it includes RZR and other factors. Here are Fangraphs measures on the two players..

    Drew UZR: 5.3
    Florimon UZR: 4.3

    Drew WAR: 3.4
    Florimon WAR: 1.3
    I'll take a look into this. I know it's different, but haven't looked into how exactly. I know BR's as well as SABR's work more than I do Fangraphs. (only so much information a guy can take it)

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    The Mets like him but seem convinced they will need to overpay by quite a bit to get him to leave Boston. Thats a little suprising to hear but if true the Twins would surely be in the same boat & that's surely not TR's MO.

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