Sometimes I confuse what I think Terry will do, with what I want him to do.

Now that AJ and Kazmir are both off the board, I can state that I was hopeful we would land Kazmire(I keep typing that and now that he is not a Twin, will spell it that way) and I am not that too disappointed we missed on AJ, as long as we are planning an alternative.

I fully believe Terry is going to do a trade for a SP now that we didn't snag Kazmire.

As far as the catching position, I am hoping we offer Salty a 2/22 contract and walk away from the table and start talking to JP Arencib...that catcher from the Blue Jays that wasn't offered Arb, then try and trade(GIVE) away Doumit, just because I think he is going to be a logjam player who Gardy is going to give too many at-bats to. I think those at-bats would be better served going to Pinto/Salty at DH, once he gets called up and Arcia when he isn't in the outfield.

Sadly, I'd rather sign Salty, trade Doumit, use Fryer as the only back-up catcher on 25 man roster until about June. Then bring up Pinto for Fryer for the remainder of the season. Pinto and Salty could split between C/DH with an occasional day off.

Which prospects would we need to add into his trade to get a young solid pitcher, like Hellickson or Samardjza.