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Thread: Why does TD log me out so much?

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    Why does TD log me out so much?

    I am constantly being logged out of TD, whether its after taking 10-15 min to respond to a post or create a new one. My browser flips it back & forth to compatibility mode now & then & that seems to cause issues I can see with logging me out. However even if I'm logged in and then open a thread in a new tab Im not logged in on that tab but am from the other. Ive never seen a website behave this way.

    Anyways love the site & this is just a small gripe. Keep up the good work!

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    You could try deleting the cookies for the site, that may take care of it.
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    What browser and device are you using to view the site?

    My iPhone logs me out quite a bit but I haven't found a fix for it... But that doesn't sound like the same problem.

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